AFC Breakdown as we Move Towards Week 11

Although there are still games playing as we write this, we have enough information to analyze to decipher the league’s best teams thus far, especially in the AFC. 

In this article, we are going to focus on the AFC. We’ll give a quick rundown on the NFC after we concisely dissect each division in the AFC. Because games are still playing out, we could see some freak upsets that slightly change things outlined in this article. We’ve accounted for most eventualities in each division breakdown.

The Teams to Beat in the AFC

AFC South


With the Indianapolis Colts’ latest victory – this time over their division rivals and division leaders, the Tennessee Titans– the Colts’ odds to win their division is about to jump significantly. Now the Indy Colts have tied the Tennessee Titans with 6-3 records. However, they are finally on top of the division because of their head-to-head win.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans are a massive disappointment with a 2-7 record, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are even more pitiful at 1-8 with their Sunday loss to the Green Bay Packers. The main difference here is the fact that we expected the Jaguars to be bad. Most of us thought the Texans would be around league average. But alas, poor Texans’ fans are idly watching their beloved team have a complete meltdown this 2020.

AFC North

The AFC North is going to be exciting as the season wears on.  The undefeated 8-0 Steelers are currently leading the Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens have a chance to move to 7-2 when they play the New England Patriots later this evening. If they win, it will go along ways in laying the groundwork for a wildcard spot should the Steelers continue their winning ways


The Browns are 6-3 and vying for a wildcard berth in a competitive American Football Conference. Once again, the Bengals are at the very bottom of the AFC North. Even with a brand new 1st round QB in Joe Burrows.

AFC West


The Cheifs get a bye this weekend, but so far, they’ve only lost one game. Even then, that was to their long-time division rivals: the Raiders. At the moment, the Raiders and Broncos are duking it out in a close first half, and should the Las Vegas Raiders win, they’ll also stay in contention for a wildcard spot in a few weeks.

The Chargers are at the bottom. Despite a 2-7 record, they have been one of the most exciting teams in the NFL to watch. Each game they play, they take great teams right down to the wire. In fact, last week, they only lost because a last-second touchdown was overturned. Herbert is playing great ball and should be in-line for rookie of the year.

They only lost by 3 to the Chiefs, 4 to the Panthers, got into a shootout with Tom Brady and the Bucs, took Brees and the Saints to the edge in a 27-30 game, smashed the Jags by 10, barely lost (1-point) at Mile High to the Broncs, lost by 4 to the Raiders. Now, they are battling it out with the Dolphins and Tua in Miami. Although I’m not a Chargers fan, I find myself rooting for Herbert and the Bolts. They are right in it up to the end in every game but have caught some unlucky breaks.

NFC Glance

It’s hard to believe how bad the NFC East is. Not a single squad is over .500. The Seahawks are hanging on to the NFC West. If the Cardinals lose, they have that much more of a foothold. The Packers have moved to 7-2, giving them a full two-game lead over the Bears and three games on the Lions. The Saints are still on top of the South. With the Buccaneer’s latest devastating victory, if NOLA doesn’t beat the Niners tonight, come Monday when you’re reading this, Tom Brady’s Bucs will be the new kings of the division.

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