With Advice From My Great Grandfather Jessup… 5 Things We Learned About Week 1…NFL

My great grandfather Jessup was one of the smartest man I have ever met in my life. He was a road scholar spoke 5 languages and taught at numerous universities. As he got older and I would visit him in a nursing home he would always leave me with three pieces of advice. Week in and week out as I was leaving he would say, “Monte…. Remember…

  • Never date a woman who has got a tattoo of a dagger in a heart somewhere on her body.

  • Never get into a high stakes poker game with a guy named after a city or state…Like Tex or Dallas.
  • Never, ever, ever, bet a three-team teaser (in the NFL) on opening Sunday. “

Oh, why oh, why didn’t I listen to Jessup. I took the Patriots, Steelers and Falcons in a three-team teaser. They all head to win by 2 points. New England got embarrassed at home by the Kansas City Chiefs, 42-27. Crushing my gambling dreams before the Sunday games even started.

Here are 5 Things the Sports Whisperer learned about week 1 in the NFL.

#5) What is the over/under?

If you read any of my division previews, you would know that I have been brutally hard on the Jets, Browns, 49ers and Bears. I am putting the over/under for these teams COMBINED WIN totally to be 21. I would take the under here. None of these teams have a quarterback or an offense.

The Jets lost 21-12 to the Buffalo Bills. Their terrible starting quarterback, Josh McCown, was 26-39 with 2 interceptions and he averaged 4.8 yards per pass. I could average more than that in an NFL game right now.

The Browns lost 21-18 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I wouldn’t take this game as hope. The Steelers always play down to their competition.

The 49ers lost 23-3 against the Carolina Panthers. How can you prepare the entire off-season for an opponent and score 3 points? Having Bryan Hoyer as your starting quarterback doesn’t help. He averaged 5.5 yards per pass, threw for 193 yards and 1 interception.

The Bears lost 23-17 to Atlanta, this game was tied up at the half 10-10. The Bears should squeak out 4-5 wins this year, that should be the most out of this pathetic group of 4 teams.

#4) It is time for Sean Payton to go.

Over the past three seasons, the New Orleans Saints have had a record of 7-9,7-9 and 7-9. Payton’s team are the same thing every year. They have a potent offense but their defense can’t stop anyone. Sam Bradford looked like Tom Brady throwing for 346 yards and 3 TD’s. Rookie running back, Dalvin Cook, rushed for 127 rushing yards. (That record was set by Adrian Peterson when he rushed for 107 yards in his first game with the Vikings in 2007.) MN used the pass to set up the run. The Saints, inexplicably, used the run to set up the pass. They did this with a depleted offensive line. The play calling by Payton was sophomoric at best. When you have a banged-up offense line you can’t run the ball and take a 5-step drop. You must go from the shotgun and get rid of the ball quickly. The Saints didn’t do that. Next up for NO, The Patriots coming off a loss. RB, A. Peterson was on the sideline barking at Payton, the head coach may have already lost the locker room. It’s time for him to go.

#3) Are the Packers the best team in the NFC?

Against one of the best defenses in the league, the Green Bay Packers won an ugly game 17-6 over the Seattle Seahawks. I expect both teams to win their division and they could meet again in the playoffs. I heard one TV announcer say that Aaron Rodgers had a bad game. Rodgers was 28-42 for 311 yards and 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Rodgers led his team to victory. It is not always going to be pretty, but anytime you can throw for over 280 yards against an elite defense you played well. TE Jimmy Graham continues to struggle with Seattle. He had 3 catches for 8 yards. The NFC West is a terrible division and the Seahawks will win it, but if they want to go far in the playoffs, their passing game must get better. Green Bay’s defense looked a lot better than it did last season and that is a scary thought for the NFC.

#2 Fly Eagles Fly.

I wrote in the pre-season, if I were to take one quarterback out of the NFC East, it would be Carson Wentz. The former North Dakota State stand-out was 26 for 39 for 307 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 interception. The Eagles defeated their division rivals, the Redskins, 30-17. They outscored Washington 14-3 in the second half. Philly’s coaching staff did an amazing job of implanting their half-time adjustments. The Eagles can be a borderline playoff team. They will need more production from former Patriot LeGarrette Blount, he only carried the ball 14 times for 46 yards.

#1) How about them…. Kansas City Chiefs?

Alex Smith outplayed Tom Brady and threw for 368 yards with 4 touchdown passes. Everyone’s rookie of the year after week 1, Kareem Hunt, had 17 carries for 148 yards, 5 catches for 98 yards and 3 total touchdowns as the Chiefs embarrassed the Patriots at home 42-27. The Chiefs have a ton of weapons around Smith but he is still a game manager. The Patriots will be fine, I expect them to score 40 points next week against the New Orleans Saints.

Bonus Coverage:

Nice win for the Cowboys. They beat the Giants 19-3. When Eli Manning doesn’t have Odell Beckham Jr. he is a totally different quarterback. Something to watch for in Dallas, Dez Bryant only had 2 catches. Bryant had an average year in 2016, is he no longer the #1 option in the passing game?

The Rams scored 46 points in their win over the Colts…. Jared Goff was 21-29 306 yards and 1 TD. The Rams could win 8 games this year.

The Broncos defeated the Chargers 24-21. It is in the Broncos best interest to start Jamaal Charles. In the history of the NFL, Charles is 1st in average yards per rush, 5.42. 2nd is Jim Brown, 5.22 and 3rd is Barry Sanders, 4.99.

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