Advice For David Price: Shut Up and Pitch

By: Steve Atkinson

The Red Sox once again pay out the nose for someone and they get screwed in the end. Is David Price another Crawl Crawford singing? It sure looks like it for the $31 million dollar pitcher who bitches about everything but still hasn’t won a playoff game. Let’s face it David Price may like his teammates, pitching, and the money part but the rest like the media, and the fans and the city itself he hates it.
When will David realize that this isn’t Tampa? Where the media and the fans don’t care as much as they do here. For David Price he obviously came here for the dollar sign and that right there was a huge mistake on his part because he can’t handle the media and the fans. It gets him going and affects his performance on the mound.

Apr 5, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher David Price (24) throws a pitch during the first inning against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

By the way after saying recently he won’t talk to the media about personal stuff, only talk on game days is a pure example he hates when people voice an opinion on him.
During last night’s game Boston Globe Columnist Dan Shaughnessy posted an article on David Price now the Red Sox lost 8-0 which Rick Porcello was on the mound.
If you hear Price say that doesn’t look at Twitter a lot he’s lying as we’ve seen him interact with fans before and block certain reporters who criticize him.
So what gives him the right to tell reporter Evan Derrilch who covers the Red Sox after the game saying write whatever the (expletive) you want.
I can make a prediction that he went to the clubhouse before the end of the game checked Twitter and read the article. Listen Price if you didn’t come here to bitch at the media you came here to win Baseball games. If you can’t handle the criticism then you don’t belong here and you can pitch somewhere where the media and fans are much softer on you.
He’ll probably lose tonight and not talk to the media and run away like he did in his lousy rehab start in Pawtucket. He’s not going to make it and don’t be surprised if he opts out of his contract. He doesn’t like the media and it gets him distracted from what matters the most pitching for the Red Sox.

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