Adrien Broner vs. Shawn Porter Preview

By: Marcus Washington

Adrien Broner vs. Shawn Porter

When: June 20

Where: Las Vegas

TV: NBC/NBC Sports Net (8:30 pm edt)

Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter come into this fight, not only in need of a win, but an impressive win. This is what Haymon imagined when Premier Boxing struck a deal to put high quality match-ups on national television. Two well-known fighters needing an impressive win in front of a national audience.

Broner, who tries his hardest to be a Mayweather clone, still hasn’t recovered from his loss to Maidana. His three victories since have come again mid-level competition and has failed to put his name back into the pound for pound talk. His win over Molina Jr. wasn’t crowd pleasing as he fought in a defensive posture most of the fight. Even when he had opportunities to open up, he didn’t. From a boxing perspective, it was the right thing to do against an offensively aggressive fighter like Molina Jr., but Broner is in need of an impressive, crowd pleasing victory.

Two fights ago, Porter had a career defining match-up at 147 against Kell Brook and looked poor in the loss. He constantly allowed Brook to tie him up, something he should expect Broner to do, and never got into a rhythm. Not only will he have to figure out Broner defensively, but he also has to be able to keep his power at 144 and deal with Broner’s speed.

I expect for Broner to be in full Mayweather-wannabe mode and fight a defensive fight keeping his shoulder-high and rolling punches. He will need to be active enough to win the 50-50 rounds but if he commits to the jab, I expect him to win those rounds.

Porter needs to prove he’s learned something from the Kell Brook loss. He needs to keep enough space to touch Broner without being close enough for Broner to tie him up. This will prove to be more difficult than it sounds if Broner moves well throughout the fight. Porter’s best chance is to throw enough power punches to test Broner’s chin and make the fight ugly.

Despite being the underdog, I expect Broner to do just enough to win the fight. He can win this fight with his movement and his jab, whereas Porter will need help from Broner to win.

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