From the Founder

Hello and welcome to Nuts And Bolts Sports, or as we call it NBS.

You’re most likely here because either you have been following NBS on Facebook and/or Twitter, or you heard the football show on Blog Talk Radio.

However you found us, we thank you for taking time from your busy day to give NBS an opportunity to bring you sports OUR way. What does that mean you ask? Great question! It means passionate sports fans writing about the sports they love for fellow sports fans. It means engaging in a dialogue with readers are who are essential to what we do.

The idea started with a conversation with Brian, aka B Nasty, in my living room about how we should do a sports show. At the time we had no clue whether it was even possible. After researching online I discovered it was very possible and our weekly football show was born. That first show was rough; there was an echo, we stumbled over our words, but most important than any of that, it was freaking AWESOME! We kept at it and added some other people to what was becoming a team.

Then I wanted to take it to the next level and make a website because social media, when used the ‘right way’ is a wonderful thing. Through Craigslist ads, Tweets, Facebook posts, and word of mouth, I started getting emails and messages from hardcore sports fans who wanted in. Lots of late nights (the west coast sports fans tested me with that time difference, ha!). I love the team I have put together, and I expect you will as well. We want to spark debate. What sports fan doesn’t?! Putting together a team so each player has a specific spot has me feeling like a General Manager. Our team represents 15 states, and we even have a member out in London!

So what can you expect from us? Thought provoking blogs, the latest updates in the sports world, and polls and contests designed to test your knowledge and have fun. Personally, this is like Christmas day for me. I didn’t sleep last night, or all weekend for that matter, I am so excited. All I ever wanted was to be able to share my obsession and passion for sports with others. Most people played a sport of some kind growing up, some of us still participate in a sports. Sports bring people from all walks of life together regardless of differences like race, economic standing, sex, and religion. So I invite you to take a look around, read the blogs and content, and share what you love (as well as what you don’t love so much) because you input helps make us better.

Again I want to thank you for checking us out and coming along with us on this amazing adventure as we live out our motto and present Sports Our Way! They Sleep And WE Make Moves.

Joe (Cartright) Cardoso
Founder, Nuts And Bolts Sports, LLC