A Sleeping Concern for the Redskins

Washington Redskins concerns

By: Ryan Cooley

Many people, including myself, feel the Redskins accomplished a lot this offseason. However, like almost any team, there are always concerns at certain positions.

On paper, those positions look to be a safety opposite Landon Collins, MLB, and LG. Despite those apparent needs, every season there ends up being an issue with a position that no one saw coming. Last season the Skins became desperate for a QB after Smith and McCoy went down with a broken leg.

This season I am concerned about a position that many view as the strong point on the team. That position is RB. Guice is coming back from a torn ACL, Peterson signed a 2-year deal, Gruden voiced that he wanted Perine to get more opportunities, they drafted Bryce Love, and Thompson is the third down back.

This is a very crowded backfield, which is not always a good thing. Here are some reasons this packed RB room may be a cause for concern.

Peterson won’t want to split carries

Peterson will go down as one of the greatest RBs in history. He is well past his prime but still managed to run for over 1,000 yds last season.

Many people want the Redskins to have Guice and Peterson split carries, but that may not work out. We all saw how Peterson acted in New Orleans when he split carries between Ingram and Kamara. He threw a fit and kept giving Sean Payton lip about wanting more carries.

The Saints wanted no part of that and traded him to the Cardinals. After that, Ingram and Kamara exploded as the best rushing tandem in the league. If Peterson didn’t want to split carries then, why would he want to do it now with a second year RB that’s coming off a torn ACL?

If people think he has had a change of heart and is willing to mentor Guice, guess again. Peterson already said his goal is to rush for 2,000 yds and wants a better season than last. Those goals are impossible when sharing the load with another RB.

Gruden wants to give Perine more opportunities

Perine is in an interesting position. I liked the draft pick when the Skins selected him two years ago in the fourth round. He has never really had the opportunity to shine, and Gruden recognized that.

I would like to see Perine switch to FB. He would have to put on more weight, but he would be a good fit there. The Redskins haven’t had a real FB since Darrel Young left.

Guice should be the featured back

Guice dropped in the 2017 draft. A potential first-round pick fell to the Skins late in the second round. Behind Barkly, I saw Guice as the next best RB in that draft class. Almost every Redskins fan couldn’t wait to see Guice shredding NFL defenses.

Guice ended up tearing his ACL the first time he suited up for a game. In the first quarter, Guice took off for a 34 yd gain and hobbled off the field. The next day the news broke his season was over.

Guice has been working extremely hard to make a strong comeback. The Redskins drafted Guice to be the bell-cow back getting 15-20 touches a game. Guice is a RB that becomes more dangerous with more touches he receives. If he splits carries with Peterson it will be challenging to get any momentum going.


In an ideal world, Peterson would mentor Guice, and the competition between the two would make each other better. However, this is the Redskins, and things never come easy for them. While this is just speculation at this point, history tells us it is something the coaches and fans need to watch out for.

Ryan Cooley
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