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“The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl , Tio and…they’re going to play the Philadelphia Eagles, mark my words!”, October 12, 2017

My Godson is a Steeler’s fan right down to the core, in spite of every effort his father and I have made – Personally! I blame his mother ( Hahaha ), she encouraged the whole thing when she went into Ebay and bought him a Terrible Towel for Christmas when he was a young lad.

The kid sticks out like a sore thump during Thanksgiving Family Picture Time surrounded by all of his kin, proudly wearing his Steelers’ gear, but what you gonna do right? Youngsters!

I still remember that phone call on October the 12th. The Eagles  just finished beating the Carolina Panthers on the road. It was widely acknowledged as a Trap Game, but Philadelphia did not go quietly that night as predicted by everyone.

“Tio!, Bendicion!”, says Junior to me.

“Dios Te Bendiga, Junior,”, I answered, “How you doin’?”

“I know you were watching that game, looks like your Eagles are for real!”, Junior continue, “I’m pretty sure they’re on a collision course with my Steelers this year Tio”

“You know what that means, right?”, I asked him, “The only way the Steelers and the Eagles meet head to head this season is if both teams go to the Super Bowl!”

“I hear you, Tio,”, Junior replied.

So there it is!

Steelers versus Eagles in Super Bowl LII…The Keystone Super Bowl matchup would bring about epic Media Coverage.

The Old Gun Slinger, Ben Roethlisberger versus The New Sheriff in Town, Carson Wentz.

GPS applications would go into overload mode as reporters furiously try to find exactly Where in The Hell is North Dakota State University anyway?

If I was  the North Dakota State University Headmaster…I would start hiring additional public relations personnel, Right Now!

Steelers and Eagles fans are cousins twice removed.

There’s not a more loyal ownership, fan base and a coaching staff in the entire NFL than the Pittsburgh Steelers‘. Their style is unquestionable and unmatched.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have always operated like a family and they really cultivate that atmosphere. Consistency is not just some trending word for them…if there ever was a team in the National Football League, which embody the word Consistency…then the Pittsburgh Steelers are it.

Ownership of the Pittsburgh Steelers has remained within the Rooney family since it was founded in 1933. It has become the family’s birth right. A Rooney founded the franchise and unless a meteor hits our planet, a Rooney will always own the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have NEVER! fired a Head Coach….Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin…have been their only three Head Coaches since 1969 and between them have eight Super Bowl appearances. That’s not just a huge statistic, it’s also an undisputable fact.

Steelers Nation it’s a large and widespread fan base. They’re also notorious for Traveling Well.

For those that do not understand that statement, Traveling Well means their fans go on the road with the team and many times give road games a home flavor feeling to the players.

Back in 2009, it made me smile to hear local reporters marble how Steelers Nation descended on Tampa Bay for Super Bowl XLIII. I had seen them, in person, do that for years when I grew up in Philadelphia.

The Pittsburgh Steelers pretty much ignore free agency and seem to always decide to build through the draft. Many teams in the NFL tried to copy this method, because honestly…who can argue with the results? But except for the New England Patriots, no other team in the NFL has been able to duplicate their success and in this day, and age, of instant gratification most likely will never be able to.

Their consistency starts at the top with the Rooney Family and it trickles down to their coaches, players and fans. It’s an undeniably winning recipe.

They even created The Rooney Rule.

The Rooney Rule, which was established in 2003, requires NFL teams to interview minority candidates for Head Coaching and Senior Football Operation Opportunities. It is often cited as THE! sample of Affirmative Action.

I have nothing, but love for my Godson…and I wish him nothing but success in life,


In a Pennsylvania Super Bowl…Not against my Philadelphia Eagles…Fly Eagles Fly!

Written by Julio Olmo


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