A halfway point recap of NFL Power Rankings

Wow, there sure was a lot of sports happening at the same time. Ordinarily that would be the sort of sentence that you’d end with an exclamation point, but honestly a period of this much sports activity — NBA, MLB, NHL and…NFL plus NCAA Football — takes a lot out of a person.

Those are some notable sports and they were happening all together.

But that’s like your kid complaining to you ’bout having too much homework after you get home from a 12 hour work shift, right?!

The first half of the NFL season has happen already, which means it’s time for a recap:

1. Los Angeles Rams – There is not much to gripe about an 8-0 start. What they don’t punt enough for your?

2. Kansas City Chiefs – The hype is real, but Andy Reid is their head coach and his track record speaks for itself.

3. New England Patriots – The reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated.

4. New Orleans Saints – This is very hard to picture, but the Saints are actually a  better team when QB Drew Brees plays average.

5. Los Angeles Chargers – They’re quietly flying under everyone’s radar at the moment and QB Philip Rivers has all of the tools, but is that track record thing again.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers – Once all off field distractions were put aside. Steelers do what they always do, which is win.

7. Carolina Panthers – Seems that QB Cam Newton has finally recovered from his 2015 Super Bowl meltdown.

8. Green Bay Packers – QB Aaron Rodgers is a Bad Man! So is head coach Mike McCarthy, but that second one is not a complement.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals have QB Andy Dalton, WR A.J. Green and a very explosive offense, but their defense doesn’t help.

10. This was a toss-up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. You have to give this spot to the Redskins. They’re healthier and RB Adrian Peterson is the difference.

So after Week 8 the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens are for the time being off the Top Ten NFL Power Rankings.

Written by Julio Olmo – The Voice of One!


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