A conversation with Tropical Bowl Coach Mike Stock…

Head Coach of the Red National Tropical Bowl Team, Mike Stock

Tropical Bowl
Coach Mike Stock, Photo via FCSBowl.Com & ScoutTeam.Com
“First of all! My thanks to Coach Stock for taking time out of his schedule to reply to these few questions…it was an honor!”, NBS
“Coach Stock, you coached at the professional level for a number years and you were voted *NFL SPECIAL TEAMS COACH OF THE YEAR in 1997*…What is your Special Teams philosophy?”, NBS
“ATTACK the opponent!”,  Coach Stock
“How do you communicate the importance of Special Teams to today’s athletes?”, NBS
“There are three segments in football: OFFENSE, DEFENSE, SPECIAL TEAMS. FIELD POSITION is crucial to both the (Offense) and (Defense)!  Everybody on an NFL team (except maybe the QB) has to be involved with ST—since only 47 dress for games, and three of them are the Punter, Kicker, and Long Snapper.”, Coach Stock
“Who will be the captains for the Tropical Bowl?”, NBS
“(The other) Coaches will pick the Captains.”, Coach Stock
“Since a great majority of these players at the Tropical Bowl have never played together before and it is a show case of talent after all…What are going to be your Offensive and Defensive plans for the game?”, NBS
“(Offense) and (Defense) are responsible for their respective segments.”, Coach Stock
“Besides coaching Special Teams, you were also a Wide Receiver’s Coach in the National Football League…In your opinion, What skills a Wide Receiver must have?”, NBS
“Yes, I did coach WR’s in the NFL and at ND, and Ohio State. Among the many attributes the Receiver must possess: Great hands and vision—Be consistent and accountable—Be prepared to block in the run game and when his teammate catches the ball—Be a disciplined route runner—If you can’t catch the ball, don’t let the defender catch it!”, Coach Stock
“I have to ask you, Coach Stock…Clemson knocked off Alabama in thrilling fashion in the Title Game, the other night…Who were you rooting for?”, NBS
“I picked CLEMSON before the four teams began the play-offs! (BEST QB IN COLLEGE!)”, Coach Stock
“Again!, my thanks to Coach Mike Stock for taking time out of his busy schedule to reply to these questions”

By Julio Olmo

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