Girlfriend’s Guide to Scoring a Valentine’s Day Touchdown

By: Caroline Merrill

Okay now laaadiiiess *in Travis Porter voice*…. (if you don’t get that reference, you can’t sit with us) the day of love is vastly approaching but have no fear, I have you covered with last minute gift ideas for your sports loving significant other. I kept it short and sweet because let’s be real, if you’re reading this and you haven’t purchased a gift already, you should probably go do that. Like now.

Ok, here you go you beautiful bunch of slackers:

  1. Tickets to watch his favorite team play

THIS is the easiest and most effective gift. Any sports lover is going to go gaga knowing that he gets to see his favorite team in person. Plus, there is no time restriction if they’re in season because you can purchase tickets months away!

BONUS: if the coliseum or stadium has a museum or hall of fame, carve out some time to let your man tour the facilities.

  1. Merchandise from his favorite team

You cannot go wrong with a tee shirt, jersey, hoodie, koozie, freaker, coasters, etc. Lucky for you, you probably have a Dicks Sporting Goods store in your town. If you don’t, I hope you have Amazon Prime.

BONUS: pair a piece of merchandise with tickets. BOOM.

  1. New pair of kicks

Nothing says love like “you should probably get up, wear this pair of sneaks and go do something active”.

  1. Sports team themed grilling utensils

Dudes are all about being a “grill master” so continue to boost his grilled chicken filled ego with a nice spatula/bottle opener.

  1. Sports themed books

Who doesn’t love a man that reads—AM I RITE?! You can thank Barnes & Noble for providing you with a huge selection of sports themed books. Do you have a UNC fan in your life? “Duke Sucks” is a great choice. You’re welcome.

Alright… that’s it. I just listed five really solid sports themed gifts for you. You now have 3 days left to make some moves. Let’s not meet like this again, ok? NOW GO SHOP!!

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