5 Things We Learned about Week 4 in the NFL

By: Monte Perez

5) The Eagles Play in Spurts- Philadelphia is now 1-3 after losing to the Washington Redskins 23-20. DeMarco Murray carried the ball 8 times for 36 yards. When the Eagles traded away LeSean McCoy, Murray was supposed to be the featured back. He hasn’t lived up to expectations. Sam Bradford passed for 270 yards and 3 touchdowns passes but was sacked 5 times. This offensive line is not good at all and if they don’t fix their blocking problems soon, Chip Kelly will feel the wrath of Philadelphia fans. The Eagles fan base booed Santa Claus at a home game, if they did that to Saint Nick, imagine what they will do to Kelly if this team continues to struggle. I have been a Kelly supporter since his days at Oregon but this season has been a disaster so far. The good news is, they are only 1 game out of first place. (Cowboys, Giants and Redskins are all 2-2).

4) Is this the end for Colin Kaepernick? The San Francisco 49ers have lost three in a row. Over the past two weeks they have scored a total of 10 points. Two weeks ago Colin Kaepernick was 9-19 for 67 yards and 4 interceptions. This week he was a little better, 13-26, 160 yards and 1 interception. Former SF head coach Jim Harbaugh made Kap’s career. He played to his quarterback’s strengths and put Kap in the best position to win. This is not happening now under 1st year coach Jim Tomsula. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tomsula benches Kap over the next few weeks. Either way, this is a one year project for Tomsula. He is not a head coach in this league and the 49ers will be lucky to win 5 games in a brutal division.

3) Carolina and Atlanta are both 4-0- I picked the Falcons to win their division in the pre-season and their high powered offense has really excelled. On Sunday, they were beating Houston after 3 quarters on 42-0. Devonta Freeman has had 6 touchdowns in two weeks. With Freeman running the ball and Julio Jones playing wide receiver, they are a scary match up for any defensive coordinator. The only negative for the Falcons is long time WR Roddy White’s role has diminished. White didn’t catch a pass two weeks ago and only had two receptions for 8 yards this week. Carolina embarrassed Tampa Bay 37-23. Their defense forced rookie quarterback Jameis Winston into throwing 4 interceptions. The Panthers are getting quality play out of Cam Newton but they just don’t have the offensive talent or depth to compete with elite offenses like Atlanta, Green Bay or the New York Giants. Despite Carolina being 4-0, I would sell my stock on them. They are not a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

2.) Todd Gurley has a coming out party- The Rams drafted Todd Gurley with the 10th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Coming off a knee injury, Gurley didn’t play much in the first few games. Against a tough Arizona Cardinals defense, Gurley had 19 carries for 146 yards. Gurley had a great career at Georgia and if he didn’t get hurt he might have been the 3rd pick in the draft (Behind Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota) Nick Foles has played well so far and if Gurley can provide the Rams with a consistent running game, St. Louis has a legitimate chance to make the playoffs. St. Louis defeated an unbeaten Arizona team on the road 24-22. This should be a huge confidence builder for Gurley and Foles.


1) Rex Ryan we have seen this act before- The New York Giants went into Buffalo and defeated the Bills 24-10. Buffalo had 18 penalties called against them, Rex Ryan’s team now has 57 total penalties (accepted and declined) on the season, the most by any NFL team in their first four games since 2005. After the game Rex Ryan said, “We will fix these penalties,(Um, No they won’t) I know we will, but I also know we have heart.” Yes your team has heart Rex, yes your team plays hard. What they don’t do is play disciplined and that is a direct reflection of YOUR LEADERSHIP AS A HEAD COACH. The Bills are also amongst the league leaders in committing personal fouls. Rex wants to “Bully” teams but this is not the 1970’s and 80’s. Well coached teams and smart quarterbacks don’t get intimidated. Instead, they expose Ryan and his below average coaching ability. Late in the game, the Bills had a first and goal inside the 5. They didn’t throw the ball in the End Zone once and failed on a 4th down conversion. They continued to play conservative football on offense. When a Rex Ryan team gets a lead they can “Ground and Pound” but when they trail and have to pass, they can’t win. Ryan is one dimensional as a coach. The Bills have a plethora of talent on both sides of the ball, but they will never reach their potential with Ryan running the show. He is a glorified coordinator at best. He is a bully as a coach as well. Against lesser teams, young or average quarterbacks he can have success. But when he faces a legitimate play caller, his team will always get lit up. Eli Manning won his 101st game as a Giants quarterback. That ties Phil Simms for the all-time Giants record.

Bonus Coverage:

For all the Johnny Manziel supporters. Josh McCown threw for 356 yards and had two touchdown passes.

The Chicago Bears beat the Oakland Raiders 22-20 to gain their first win of the season. This is a bad loss for an Oakland Raiders team that was looking to go 3-1.

The Denver Broncos defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-20. The Vikings are a team on the rise. Peyton Manning had 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. Manning’s arm is shot. He has no strength in it, yet they are now 4-0

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost in overtime to the Baltimore Ravens Thursday Night 23-20. This was one of the worst coached games I have seen in a long time. Mike Tomlin played not to lose and two times on 4th and less than 2, Tomlin didn’t give the ball to one of the best RB in the league, LeVeon Bell. Instead he put the ball in Michael Vick’s hands, a player who just signed with the team and doesn’t even know the complete playbook. Tomlin has had two shaky games already. In the season opening his defense left TE Rob Gronkowski open numerous times. The best TE in the game, had 3 touchdown passes against the Steelers.

The Dallas Cowboys lost in a heartbreaker to the New Orleans Saints 26-20 in overtime. Dallas is playing well, but when you lose your top two players, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant to injury… it would hurt any team. How good would the Patriots be without Gronk and Tom Brady?. Drew Brees won the game by completing his 400th touchdown pass.

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