After 30 Years of Loyalty… I Am Leaving the Knicks

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On the legendary TV show Seinfeld, George Costanza’s girlfriend says

“I am breaking up with you!”

George: “You can’t break up with me, I have (the upper) hand.

GF: “And you are going to need it.”

This is exactly how I feel about the New York Knicks.I… am breaking up with them.  In order to understand why I am leaving the Knicks fan base, we must first look back at my history with the team. Legendary rapper, Tupac Shukar once said,

“I didn’t choose this thug life, it chose me.”

I didn’t choose to be a Knicks fan it was chosen for me. I am the youngest of five kids, My Parents and older brothers were Knicks fans so naturally, like an arranged marriage, I gave them unconditional love. My mom is a huge basketball fan, but she hasn’t watched the Knicks in years.

To quote Justin Bieber, “My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone.”

Most fans talk about the glory days at Madison Square Garden in the early to mid-90s. But lets be clear on one thing… For all those great moments the Knicks never won a championship. When teams talk about the glory days they are usually filled with championship banners.


The Knicks have a record of 24-33, they are 12th in the Eastern Conference. Only the Milwaukee Bucks (23-33) Brooklyn Nets (15-41) and Philadelphia 76ers (8-47) have a worse record. Once again, the Knicks do not have a first round draft pick. They have zero chance of making the playoffs and zero chance of drafting an impact player. I have seen this script for the last 16 years. Since 2000, New York has had one playoff series win and only drafted two impact players (David Lee and Kristaps Porzingis). I don’t understand why anyone of sound mind and body would continue to support this incompetent organization. Yet, miraculously according to Forbes, the Knicks are the number 1 franchise in the NBA(with a net worth of $3 Billion.) Never in the history of any business or sport has a product done less and achieved more. James Dolan is laughing at Knicks fans all the way to the bank.

A few weeks ago Liverpool fans staged a walk out of a soccer game. They did this to protest the rising ticket prices. The ownership responded by saying they were sorry and that prices would stay the same. Knicks fans should do the same thing. They should simply stop going to games or walk out after the first quarter. Phil Jackson has done a decent job in putting a competitive team out on the court. But three of the Knicks starters should be bench players ( Jose Calderon, Arron Afflalo and Robin Lopez).Unless the Knicks land an elite free agent this off- season which is highly unlikely, they are still 3 years away from being a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference.

The Knicks will never win a championship as long as Dolan owns the team and I am tired of it. There is no repercussions for the Knicks being an embarrassment because the money keeps rolling in. I am officially out as a Knicks fan. Hey James Dolan, to quote Bieber one more time…’

Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh baby you should go and love yourself
And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’
You should go and love yourself.“


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