The 3 Golden Rules of Fantasy Football

  • Never take a QB and a TE in the first 4 rounds– ok so I realize it is very tempting to take a Luck and Gronk combo at the turn especially in a 10 team snake draft but I can ensure you that I have won a ton of fantasy leagues in my 15 years of fantasy experience and I have done it many different ways but I have never won a single league breaking this rule. When you can’t find a RB2 worth pocket lint or god forbid u start 3 WR and you break this rule you will hate it all year, trust me!

  • Never let the draft come to you– it’s easy to look at the standard draft rankings on whatever site you use and just pick who is highest on the board or feel like you have to take Torrey Smith just because he is still there in the 7th rd, get who you like and role with it. Just because you’re on pick 27 and Lamar Miller is ranked in the 40’s its ok to take him when you feel he’s a good value and not try to wait it out. I always know who I want and you should too, especially on the turns guys you will have to reach I promise.
  • Draft as many RB as you can after Round 10– those committee RBs are gold in the middle of the season, CJ Anderson/ Jeremy Hill or Zac Stacey/Knowshon Moreno there are always guys that show up week 4 or later, have them on your roster so you don’t have to gamble on the waiver wire just because you took a 3rd QB or TE or a 2nd Defense/ kicker. (if you carry 2 kickers you should just mail your money to the draft and stay home)

Reach (go get these guys)-

Lamar Miller – ADP 55 – He is my biggest bet to make the jump from top 12 RB to top 5 RB this year and going after Murray ALF Ingram and Hyde you have got to be kidding me, take him in the 4th and enjoy the win fall

Jarvis Landry – ADP 109 – Another Fish on the list and I am a DC guy so no homer-ism here, this guy woke up at the end of the season as Tannehill’s go to guy. In year 2 he will emerge as a top 15 PPR WR and in the 11th rd you can’t be serious, take him in the 7th or later and enjoy.

Isaiah Crowell – ADP 118 – I’m not going to tell you that Cleveland is a running back factory in recent years but with the 2nd most goal line scores in the league last year there is definite value in the bell cow back for the brownies, a great 3rd RB on your roster and with Duke Johnson being hurt all preseason so far he’s a great hand cuff late in the draft to control the back field take Crowell as your first bench player and you’re going to be happy.

Pierre Garcon – ADP 125 – the guy led the league in receptions 2 years ago and assuming the Redskins don’t start me at QB this year I have to believe Garcon bounces back big this year 950yrds 8tds and 80 catches is a safe bet for me. A 8th or later pick is a good place to start looking at #88.

Pass (let them go)-

Arian Foster – ADP 35 – Injury after injury, year after year. Roster spots are too valuable – let him be someone else’s problem

Emanuel Sanders – ADP 37 – Hamstring injury and already going in front of Cooks Mathews and Benjamin… no thanks

Todd Gurley – ADP 53- No way I want an injured rookie in front of JStew, Joique/Abbdullah or Blount/ Gray. Gurley has unbelievable upside in a Dynasty draft but this season only I’ll stay away from that half of the rams back field.

Rookie QBS- N/A – I’m not going to go too far on this but just don’t do it, just don’t! This year’s rookie crop doesn’t possess the LUCK or RG3 rookie seasons of recent classes, the INT’s will kill you this year, stay away.


Eddie Royal – Everyone’s favorite sleeper is in position to show back up on our radar based on the recent injuries to White and Jeffery…. We all know the Marcellus Bennett stops playing in late November so Eddie will get some targets, I mean cutler is going to force it into someone why not steady Eddie?

Chris Ivory – As the projected starting RB on a team that will play defense and run the ball there is value here and my guess is he’s going late enough for u to stash him as a bye week play with RB2 upside.

Devonte Freeman- as the projected starter in a Shannanhan offense I can’t believe he’s going so late get him and Coleman and you’re going to be set at flex or RB2

Tre Mason – is it just me or is he getting zero talk and inline to be the only healthy back on a jeff fisher roster, I’ll take him and ride him until I see IF Gurley can get healthy

Stevie Johnson – If you’re going to be on the field and Phillip Rivers is at the helm we have seen it year after year, he will through you the ball and often in the end zone. Look for Stevie to show up big while gates is out. Take him late and trade him early

Camp Stars-

Sammie Watkins – WR – Buffalo Bills- he has touched bills camp and made Rex’s Defense look bad daily, he’s a high end WR2 this year, if he can find a QB to throw him the ball he could be even better.

Martavious Bryant – WR – Pittsburg Steelers- this guys is huge fast and can run the NFL route tree, as we saw preseason week 1 he can go to the house any minute. Get him as your WR 3 and don’t blink while he and Ben make magic

Danny Woodhead – RB – San Diego Chargers -he will, mark my words, will be a productive flex back assuming he’s healthy, this little guy is the best blocker, receiver and open field rusher on the team and as the biggest mismatch in that backfield expect him to be next to Rivers on most 3rd downs and passing situations.

Jamison Crowder- WR – Washington Redskins- slot guy with speed, I’m not saying he is draftable but keep an eye on him in the last few weeks of preseason as he could earn a role behind Garcon and the Oft injured Desean Jackson.

PPR Top 25-

  1. Le’Veon Bell
  2. Jamaal Charles
  3. Eddie Lacey
  4. Antonio Brown
  5. Adrian Peterson
  6. Dez Bryant
  7. Julio Jones
  8. Demaryius Thomas
  9. Odell Beckham
  10. Matt Forte
  11. Rob Gronkowski
  12. Andrew Luck
  13. AJ Green
  14. Aaron Rodgers
  15. LeSean McCoy
  16. Jordy Nelson
  17. Mike Evans
  18. CJ Anderson
  19. DeMarco Murray
  20. Randall Cobb
  21. Lamar Miller
  22. Jeremy Hill
  23. Marshawn Lynch
  24. TY Hilton
  25. DeAndre Hopkins
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