2K League Breakdown And The Tip-Off

Wiz DG Looks to keep rolling

The Tip-Off
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By: Jordan Cardoso

The Breakdown 
For those that have just started to follow the 2K League, part of this article is to help you understand the league a little bit better. Due to COVID-19, the league has decided to take on remote play where teams will play each other in a best of 3 format. But usually, the games would be played on stage in New York and would be a best of one contest. All players play with preset players and preset builds all at the same level which is a 92 overall. Each build has different badges for different playing styles. The badges are listed at different levels bronze, silver, gold, and hall of fame with bronze being the lowest and hall of fame is the highest. The Builds are also called archetypes and players choose from the following:
  • Point guard: Shot-Creating Slasher, Shot-Creating Sharpshooter, Slashing Playmaker, Sharpshooting Playmaker or Playmaking Shot Creator
  • Shooting guard: Playmaking Slasher, Sharpshooting Defender, Slashing Shot Creator, Sharpshooting Shot Creator or Pure Sharpshooter
  • Small forward: Shot-Creating Slasher, Sharpshooting Shot Creator, Pure Sharpshooter, Slashing Defender or Sharpshooting Slasher
  • Power forward: Slashing Rim Protector, Rebounding Athletic Finisher, Slashing Post Scorer, Two-Way Rebounder or Sharpshooting Rim Protector
  • Center: Post-Scoring Athletic Finisher, Slashing Rebounder, Pure Rim Protector, Slashing Stretch Five or Rebounding Post Scorer

Badges allow players to do different things for example if you have the “Catch and shoot” on hall of fame you have a higher chance to make a shot after catching a pass. The way lineups are constructed in the 2kLeague it is essential to have a lockdown defender on the court, they are the ones responsible for guarding the ball and they usually play the Shooting Guard of Small Forward position depends on how the team plays. It is also essential to have a sharpshooter on the floor this player acts as a catch and shoot player or second ball-handler most of the time when on the floor. Now that you have a better idea of how things work let’s talk about this weeks set of games.

The new normal know as remote play is in full swing for the NBA 2K League and Wiz DG is off to a HOT start sitting at 6-1. And now one of the most exciting times of the 2K league season begins with our first in-season tournament.

The Tip-Off

The Tip-Off
(Pic Credit: ESPN.com)
With their latest win coming from playing Mavs Gaming with a 2-0 series sweep. The team looks good going into the Tip-Off Tournament with a chance to take home some serious money. In the Tip-Off tournament, all 23 teams will compete for a total prize pool of $160,000. The winner will take home more than half 1st place $70,000, 2nd $50,000, 3rd and 4th place $20,000 each. District Gaming is in Group 7 along with Cavs Legion, Hornets Venom GT, and T Wolves Gaming.
Each team will play 4 games in pool play competing against two teams in its group twice. At the end of pool play, the seven teams with the best record in each group, as well as one wildcard entrant, will advance to playoffs. Wiz DG plays Hornets Venom GT first at 6 PM EST and then Cavs Legion right after that at 8 PM EST.
You can catch the games on Twitch as well as Youtube. Make sure you follow the team page @WizardsDG and the team @Dayfri , @ReeseDaGod, @Newdini , @JustAwkward , @BRICHARDSON , @JackMascone and @Pcross11. As well as myself @oKnucklez and @NutsAndBoltsSP.


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