BALTIMORE RAVENS Overall Assessment: B
Rd 1-Pick 25 (25) Marquis Brown, WR Oklahoma
Rd 3-Pick 22 (85) Jaylon Ferguson, Edge LA Tech
Rd 3-Pick 30 (93) Miles Boykin, WR Notre Dame
Rd 4-Pick 11 (113) Justice Hill, RB Oklahoma State
Rd 4-Pick 21 (123) Ben Powers, G Oklahoma
Rd 4-Pick 25 (127) Iman Marshall, CB USC
Rd 5-Pick 22 (160) Daylon Mack, DT Texas A&M
Rd 6-Pick 25 (197) Trace McSorley, QB Penn State

The Ravens were intent on improving our receiving corps. In an attempt to add playmaking ability down the field the Ravens went Hollywood by adding Marquis “Hollywood Brown and Miles Boykin. Brown will be that electric slot receiver while Boykin give them that big body X that can stretch the football field. In and attempt to reload their edge rush they took Jaylon Ferguson in the 3rd. Justice Hill is a do it all back that will be a great change of pace for newly signed starter Mark Ingram. Ben Powers adds depth and a potential starter inside on the offensive line. Iman Marshall joins a secondary that is stout but getting older. Daylon Mack adds depth to the interior of the defensive line. He will make an impact as part of their interior rotation. The Ravens offense is ideally suited for Lamar Jackson’s skillset. How do you back him up? You bring in a quarterback with a similar skillset. Trace McSorley will not have to conform much as his natural ability will be embraced. If there is a flaw it is that the offensive line could have used a swing tackle prospect and another edge rusher.

CLEVELAND BROWNS Overall Assessment: B+
Rd 2-Pick 14 (46) Greedy Williams, CB LSU
Rd 3-Pick 17 (80) Sione Takitaki, LB BYU
Rd 4-Pick 17 (119) Sheldrick Redwine, S Miami
Rd 5-Pick 17 (155) Mack Wilson, LB Alabama
Rd 6-Pick 17 (170) Austin Seibert, K Oklahoma
Rd 6-Pick 24 (189) Drew Forbes, G SE Missouri
Rd 7-Pick 7 (221) Donnie Lewis, CB Tulane

John Dorsey continues to improve the Browns in the draft and via free agency. This draft is just another example of a well-executed plan for him. Even without a 1st round pick to grab Greedy Williams in the 2nd was big. Williams was a 1st round talent that slipped because of his tackling. Sione Takitaki will come in and compete for a linebacker spot as well. Sheldrick Redwine adds depth at the safety position. Don’t be surprised if he plays well early to see him compete for reps as soon as he hits minicamps. Off the field issues mostly caused Mack Wilson to slip. He is a steal if he plays anything like he did at Alabama. Austin Siebert will look to lock down the kicking game for them. Drew Forbes is a young developmental talent that with a big upside. Donnie Lewis adds special teams value as well as a fiery defender to add quality depth.  This draft is the closest you can get to an A without a 1st round pick.

CINCINNATI BENGALS Overall Assessment: A
Rd 1-Pick 11 (11) Jonah Williams, T Oklahoma
Rd 2-Pick 20 (52) Drew Sample, TE Washington
Rd 3-Pick 9 (72) Germaine Pratt, LB N.C. State
Rd 4-Pick 2 (104) Ryan Finley, QB N.C. State
Rd 4-Pick 23 (125) Renell Wren, DT Arizona State
Rd 4-Pick 34 (136) Michael Jordan, G Ohio State
Rd 6-Pick 9 (182) Trayveon Williams, RB Texas A&M
Rd 6-Pick 38 (210) DeShaun Davis, LB Auburn
Rd 6-Pick 39 (211) Rodney Anderson, RB Oklahoma
Rd 7-Pick 9 (223) Jordan Brown, CB South Dakota State

The Bengals quietly had a great draft. Adding Jonah Williams to keep Andy Dalton upright was just the beginning. Not a fan of taking Drew Sample in the 2nd, but I don’t hate the pick. Sample give the Bengals insurance for Tyler Eifert. He will work with Eifert or serve as his replacement. Germaine Pratt can fit into Vontez Burfict’s vacant spot. Ryan Finley gives them a young backup that fits what they want to do offensively. Renell Wren is raw, but is big and athletic with a lot of potential. The depth they added with Michael Jordan, Trayveon Williams, Deshaun Davis, Rodney Anderson and Jordan Brown is all invaluable. They all are young talent that can grow in the Bengal’s system. The Bengals have set themselves up for years to come.

Rd 1-Pick 10 (10) Devin Bush, LB Michigan
Rd 3-Pick 2 (66) Diontae Johnson, WR Toledo
Rd 3-Pick 20 (83) Justin Layne, CB Michigan State
Rd 4-Pick 20 (122) Benny Snell, RB Kentucky
Rd 5-Pick 3 (141) Zach Gentry, TE Michigan
Rd 6-Pick 2 (175) Sutton Smith, Edge Northern Illinois
Rd 6-Pick 20 (192) Isaiah Buggs, DT Alabama
Rd 6-Pick 35 (207) Ulysses Gilbert, LB Akron
Rd 7-Pick 5 (219) Derwin Gray, T Maryland

The Steelers used that class well to infuse much needed youth and talent. With Ryan Shazier nowhere in sight they moved up for Devin Bush. Bush can move right in and man one of the inside linebacker spots. They also added Diontae Johnson and Justin Layne in the 3rd. Both will see plenty of action as Johnson will man the slot and Layne will compete for an outside corner spot. Benny Snell adds depth at the running back position as we saw the Steelers depth depleted last season. Zach Gentry is puzzling. The Steelers traditionally love big tight ends that can block. Gentry almost seemed allergic to being physical. They added plenty of depth potential With Sutton Smith, Isaiah Buggs, Ulysses Gilbert and Derwin Gray. Gilbert and Gray have potential to not only be quality backups, but also potential starters in the future.

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