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Fantasy Football

By now, all fantasy football leagues should be in the playoffs. In this class, we had our ups and downs. Still, I think we were able to guide a lot of you to the Big Show. Thus, you take all that you have learned and kick butt! So, we will continue our review before the final exam. This week, we will name our 2018 MVP of fantasy football. Accordingly, we will look at the MVPs at each position. Then, we will make out pick for the 2018 MVP of fantasy football. So, let’s get it!

RB: Todd Gurley, III – LA Rams

2018 MVP

This should come as a shock to no one. Gurley has been an absolute beast. Not just this season either. This dates back to last season. The man is darn near unstoppable. In 2018, Gurley amassed 337.70 total points. I know many will argue Saquon Barkley deserves this honor, but I say no. The fact that Gurley was able to hit the numbers that he did with all the weapons in LA is amazing. Conversely, there are two weapons in New York and Barkley is one of them. For this reason, Todd Gurley is the 2018 MVP for running backs in fantasy football.

Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

2018 MVP

Once more, this should come as a shock to no one. It was clear from almost day one who the best this season would be. In 2018, Mr. Mahomes had 363.52 total points. Absolutely no one saw this coming. If you say you did, you’re either a liar or you were delusional at the time. Showtime Mahomes took the league by storm and hasn’t looked back. Mahomes leads the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns. The next closest in TDs is Andrew Luck and we see what he’s been working with. For quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes is the 2018 MVP.

Tight End: Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs

2018 MVP

So, time for me to toot my own horn. In the Best of the Best article for the preseason, I crowned Kelce as the best tight end. In addition, I crowned Gurley but that was easy. Kelce was an underdog. I was right! As it turns out, Gronk was not the main competition for Kelce. It was Zac Ertz. Still, Kelce won out with 274 total points. Like Gurley, it’s impressive that Travis was able to amass those numbers with all the weapons in KC. Your 2018 MVP for tight ends is Travis Kelce.

Wide Receiver: Adam Thielen – Minnesota Vikings

2018 MVP
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen makes a first down catch in the first quarter at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016. (Pioneer Press: John Autey)

I can already hear it now. “But Adams and Hill have more points…” You know what? I don’t care. While Thielen does rank 3rd in points at 283.40, it’s not all about the points. When you look at the totality of the season, Thielen was the better receiver. He can’t help that Kirk Cousins is his quarterback. I’m sure he’d love to play with Aaron Rodgers or Showtime Mahomes, but he doesn’t. Can’t knock the man for what he can’t control. Adam Thielen is the wide receiver 2018 MVP.

And your 2018 MVP of Fantasy Football is………

2018 MVP

C’mon, fam, you know who is it! Patrick Mahomes is the 2018 MVP for fantasy football. Who else would it be?! Honestly, I know I said it’s not all about points, but Mahomes lead the league in points by almost 30. Besides, no one saw this coming. No one! He far exceeded expectations. Furthermore, the man threw a no-look pass….in a game.  Mahomes still has some work to do to win the division, but the team wouldn’t be in this position without him. Take a bow and pop champagne Showtime. You’ve earned this moment.

Who are your MVPs? Did we get something wrong? Prove us wrong or prove us right on Twitter!

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