2014 at a Glance

By: Cartright

Man, is 2014 over already? Really? What an incredible year in sports! “Cartright Speaks His Mind” is basically my rapid-fire, random thoughts on players, teams, and topics we cover.

When I think of the past year some moments that come to mind are the captain Derek Jeter playing his last season in pinstripes. His last at bat at home was movie magic and that game wining walk off, are you kidding me! As a diehard Yankees fan, I have to admit I was a little teary eyed when it happened. A class act who did things the right way on and off the field; how do the Yanks replace him?

Ray Rice stayed in the headlines all year for all the wrong reasons… There is no reason, in my opinion, to EVER lay hands on a woman.

Then we have Adrian Peterson who was in hot water for beating his child and had the whole country talking about “to beat or not to beat.” At least he sparked conversation and debate, right? Just kidding! The NFL mis-handled every case it had this year, making up rules as it went along, and stumbling at every turn. Roger Goodell has the owners behind him, so I expect more dumb management in 2015. Players need to stop making stupid off-the-field decisions and be good examples for the teams they represent. I would let the legal system handle the issues first then have complete guidelines for players so they know what to expect when they get in hot water. Let the teams decide how to punish players who tarnish the brand and what the team stands for.

How can we forget the 2014 World Cup? The whole nation had soccer fever for a few weeks and it was awesome! I can say I saw every game, except for 5, live or via DVR. Team USA did us all proud pouring their all into each game, and the Ghana game was an epic goosebumps giver. As a futbol fan, I can only hope the passion translates into Major League Soccer getting more teams and a better product.

I am a strong believer that people are people–judge them based on character NOT who or what they are. So Michael Sam and Jason Collins stories where huge, opening a door for more people to be themselves in sports salute to them both.

I have a couple of “Who called this one?” questions for you all.

  1. UConn Men’s Hoops winning the National Championship
  2. Donald Silver getting kicked out of the NBA
  3. Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl
  4. Florida State was THIS good or lucky
  5. The Kansas City Royals not just making the playoffs, but making the World Series

I leave you with some of the best images that made 2014.

I have no doubt that 2015 will give us even more ‘Where were you when?’ and ‘You dummy!’ head-shaking moments. Until next time, Happy New Year sports fans.

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photo credit: Cataffo News
photo credit: Cataffo News
video credit: usasoccer.com
video credit: usasoccer.com


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