World Cup is Coming

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By: Brianne Dempsey

Unlike Westeros, the promise of winter in sports world does not harbor a sense of foreboding. In fact, I’d say it’s quite the opposite. It means football, hockey and basketball. There’s hardly a day of the week without interesting and meaningful collegiate and professional sporting events on. But what about the children of summer? What’s left for us?
The first few weeks of “official” summer are such a drag for sports. Basketball and hockey finals will have just ended, football training camps aren’t really in full swing yet. Most people don’t care about OTAs unless there’s some kind of scandal going on (looking at you Pats) and unless some big name player gets cut or hurt, it’s pretty uneventful.

I won’t say baseball is boring, but the middle of the season can be a bit tedious. The excitement from Opening Day and early momentum has worn off and it’s not quite late enough in the season to start talking playoff projections. Yea, we get the All Star Break, but a couple days of hype in a 6-8 week stretch is almost a tease.

I guess we do have some second tier sports over the summer, but it’s hard to go hang out at the water cooler Monday morning and discuss the mechanics of Roger Federer’s serve or Rory McIlroy’s putting. I really think this is why people get so into the Olympics and World Cup.

Luckily, 2015 is one of the years with a World Cup competition. The US Women’s National Team headed to Canada to begin the first round this past weekend. It should be a really great tournament, and though there is no favorite, the US and Germany have the highest chances to win, per Vegas.
And World Cup is not without its own drama. Hope Solo has managed to make headlines again, though it’s just a rehashing of old news since she is on a world stage again. With all of the domestic violence charges in sports the past year, many are upset she is even still on the team. She served a 30 day (yes, day not game) suspension last year, while other athletes have faced entire season suspensions and some do not have jobs still.

Or for a more “feel good” drama – Marta from Brazil is one of the best players in the world, often described as “Pele in a skirt”. And she has yet to win a World Cup.

The tournament has begun and will run through July 5th. If you’re looking to follow the US Women’s team, they begin their tournament tonight, June 8th at 7:30 ET against Australia.

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