Why Tony Romo For MVP

By: James “JB3” Byus

How do I decide who the MVP of the National Football League should be?

Well it starts with what the letters stand for: MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. There cannot be anyone more valuable than you on your team, your team has to build around you and be successful based majority on what you do for them. This is what I feel makes for a top MVP candidate.

My vote is for the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback- Anthony “Tony” Romiro Romo. There is a lot of talk regarding JJ Watt, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Demarco Murray but let me break it down for you…..

  1. Tony Romo leads the league in QB rating with 113.2. He has a league best 8.5 yds per pass, a league best 43.4 % first down completions, and a league best 69.9% completion percentage.
  2. Tony Romo has been the center of the team since he stepped in for Drew Bledsoe during the Parcells era in Big D. Jason Garrett has FINALLY put together a winning formula based around his record setting pro bowl QB in Dallas. Demarco Murray was made the back to carry the weight of the game, control the clock, gain short yardage first downs and most importantly: relieve the pressure from Tony. Not to mention, we spent all of our first round picks the last couple of years drafting offensive lineman to give our elite QB more time to pick defenses apart. Enter: Tyrod Smith, Travis Frederick and Zach Martin!
  3. Tony has the highest rating not only in the pocket passing but also on the move outside of the pocket. The guy has skills that make defensive ends look sick on the blitz. His signature “spin and duck” is right there with the elusiveness of Big Ben but Tony is way more agile and accurate.
  4. His team has 12 wins and is playing Championship football. He has alleviated the many jokes about him choking and cracking under pressure. REMEMBER: he has the highest 4th quarter comeback percentage of all active QB’s in Football. (i.e. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, etc.)
  5. Tony Romo’s resiliency and leadership skills have his team BELIEVING that they can win a championship! It started two years ago when Tony’s ribs were broken and lung punctured against the NY Giants. Tony wore a Kevlar torso protector and led his team to a last game division title game where they fell short. Jason Witten followed suit last year with broken ribs and a Kevlar vest. Demarco Murray playing with a broken hand. Tony SETS THE STANDARD OF TOUGHNESS AND EXPECTATIONS FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS!
  6. Tony is a receiver making QB. Enter: Laurent Robinson, Miles Austin, Cole Beasely, Terrance Williams, and Dwayne Harris. We only know these names because of what Tony is able to teach them to do. He doesn’t need a Megatron to make him look good and yes he and Dez are a good combo. He also did better than any QB did with Terrel Owens, let’s be honest (T.O. cried for Tony on national TV).

There will be a place for him in Canton as he is now the all-time leading passer in Cowboys history. Yes more than HOF Troy Aikman and HOF Roger Staubach with 33,207 yards. Jason Witten became the leading receiver for the Cowboys all-time. Demarco Murray broke Emmitt’s single season rushing record. Dez Bryant has more TD’s than any receiver in Cowboy history in a season. A truly historic and elevated season for the Cowboys led by Tony Romo! Someone please give me a better case for the NFL MVP this year

Romo has led his team to one of the best Decembers that anyone has ever seen. The Cowboys averaged 41 points a game, he threw for 12 TD’s and 1 interception, 76.63 completion percentage, and his QB rating was 129.7. He boasted a 90% completion percentage while throwing 4 TD’s against the playoff bound Indianapolis Colts. The outcome: led them to a division title and one promising attempt at a super bowl run in the playoffs. Book it MVP Voters!

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7 Comments on Why Tony Romo For MVP

  1. Finger Wave..no dogg. How is this guy going to be MVP of the league, when there’s doubt he is the most valuable to his team. And everything you said about about below level talent at WR is a joke, Dez is dope. Doing more with less is Andrew Luck, no run game, no TE’s, and T.Y. Who?? ROMO could be number 5 on the list but Rogers, Luck, Watt, and Spray Tan (DeMarco) should all be considered before…”that’s my quarterback” crying in the background.

  2. Hold the phone! Tony Romo? Are you kidding me? When I think of the Most Valuable Player of the NFL it seems to me like it should be someone who stands out in my mind. A person with consistent intensity, a lot of heart, and team player. Mr. Romo does NOT stick out to me as one of these factors. I can think of a handful of players that deserve this award 10X more than him. Here’s my list…… 1. JJ Watt 2. Rob Gronkowski 3. Aaron Rodgers 4. AJ Green 5. Richard Sherman….And honorable mention…6. Tom Brady…..Thanks

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  5. I wish I could hop on board with ya bud, but there are too many reasons for me not too, i wont even count that I hate dallas as one of them. The only reason that Romo has done well is because of his line…the dude has 20 seconds to make a decision/ wait for a receiver to get out of coverage to make any completion he needs. The Cowboys have just done the perfect textbook move and spent the last 3 years rebuilding an O-line that is more than readily capable of defending any quarterback, regardless of how mobile they are.

  6. I honestly feel badly bc Im responding without having tead this or the comments although I will in a minute! Promise. But when I saw this title my thoughts immediately jumped to this, ” I know! I know! For breaking his back so Dak Prescott can play!” LOL! Life long Cowboys fan and Tony was supposed to be the next Troy who was the new Staubach (I know they had Danny White too but there were a number of QB’s between Troy and Tony … but Romo is in no way even remotely close to Aikman. He may hold some Cownoys passing records but he is no winner and he’d proven it over and over and over. But I did read part of a comment above about the Cowboys spending time building an O-line that can protect almost any QB (except Romo or his back might not have been broken AGAIN! When you have broken your back multiple times and are literally still standing … just walk away while you still can. Seriously! Plus, my Noys dont need him and I never wanted him!

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