What to wear after your team loses

It is a sad day when your team suffers a loss. Some would say it is an especially sad day when they actually make it to playoffs and do not proceed to win. You can justify it, you can say the referees were biased but at the end of the day you still have to figure out what to wear to mourn these players that fought so valiantly.
It is simple. Wear black, you are mourning after all.

Just kidding! Continue to show your support for your team! Keep on representing the colors that brought you as far as they could! If you have another team that you would like to support for the win I say go for it. Don’t dwell on being called a bandwagon fan, you are just being supportive and flexible. Everyone loves people who are flexible and supportive! I am not one to switch over unless it is Superbowl and that is mainly for placing bets so I will continue on with my sadness as for me, Basketball season is over.

Ashley Otero
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Ashley Marie signing on. I was born into a Redskins loving community in Southern Maryland but craved the sun year round so I relocated to Southern Florida and am currently navigating the Dolphin waters. I always took part in sports growing up and never could pass up an opportunity to dress to impress. I love how sports can unite total strangers in all corners of the world, and I feel that fashion has the same effect on people making the two a proverbial dream team. I have seen the athletic world colliding with the fashion world on every level over the past few years, and I am here to show you the highlight reels! Currently, I can be found walking the runways of my office by day and drinking at my favorite local sports bar by night. Sarcasm is a way of life.
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