We said CLIFF!!!! Not CHRIS!!!!

By: Rob Botts

Cliff and Chris Paul….By now, we all know the fictional TV story that blazes across our screens almost every day at some point or another of the two identical twin brothers who dominate their respective fields. One is Superman and the other is really Clark Kent….Not to take anything away from Cliff and how super it can be to be the Sherlock “Homes” of the home and auto insurance industry by constantly lowering somebody’s claim, but he is nooooo Chris. The spectacled one can dot his Is and cross his Ts better than anybody in his field…but…his field just isn;t as much fun as his doppelganger’s choice of employment…

The San Antonio Spurs are a dynasty. One of the best the NBA has ever seen. They chose longevity over a quick 2-3 year span of dominance. They have dominated in their own way for almost 15 years now. Although they have never gone back to back,(see quest for them this year) they have always made the playoffs and have always either won the whole thing or been really, really, really close to winning the whole thing.(See Ray Allen) The Los Angeles Clippers have always been the second fiddle to the Los Angeles Lakers in terms of the pro basketball spotlight here in town. In fact, before the last couple of years with Doc Rivers at the helm and that racist tyrant owner being removed, the only spotlight that would regularly shine on the Clippers would be when they would make a constant basketball mess for pick up on court #5….Now these two vastly different franchises are facing off in the playoffs and they are tied at 2-2 heading back to the city of Angeles.

Enabling the Clippers to be returning with the series tied is non other than Cliff Paul’s brother….CHRIS Paul has played out of his mind in this series so far. He has literally willed his team to a 2-2 tie. He has played great in every game and seems to have the mindset that no matter what, he will not let this team get bounced out early. They are different this time…They are ready…And they need to slay the walking dead who are the zombie Spurs…He has stopped whatever form of Spurs momentum has come his way almost every time with a number of different strategies….But just what is his favorite?  Well, of course it is the dribble, dribble, dribble, cross over once, then cross over twice, then go hard in one direction and then ever so slightly push off with a soft elbow and hit the fade the fade away jumper just outside of the foul line area…Boom!

I think deep down, the Spurs and Pop were hoping the calm, self assured but MUCH LESS aggressive Cliff would show up and allow San Antonio to continue on their quest for their first back to back championship in franchise history. But, hasn’t happened yet….

During these games, you’ll most likely find Cliff out in the parking lot taking important notes and directing motorists in the right insurance direction….While his brother keeps nailing jumper after jumper and keeping the Spurs right where he wants them….(cue appropriate State Farm TV commercial jingle)”Like a good point guard, Chris Paul is there…”

Rob Botts
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