Todd McLellan is the new Oilers head coach.

By: Jacob Fain

Almost a month after hiring ex-Bruin’s GM Peter Chiarelli the Oilers made another huge splash hiring ex-Shark’s head coach Todd McLellan. McLellan and the Sharks mutually parted way this summer and giving the Edmonton Oilers a chance to jump on one of the best coaches in the NHL.

It’s not a bad situation for McLellan to come into with the Oilers looking towards the future with a young team, the 2015 number one overall pick in their pocket and a new arena being built. Now we have only one coach to look towards to wonder where he will end up and that is of course Mike Babcock who is currently in between a biding war with the Maple Leafs, Sabres, and Red Wings. I personally cannot see him leaving Detroit so I have a pretty solid feeling he’ll stay but I’ve been wrong before.

Jacob Fain
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