Time to Say Goodbye

By: Nick Thorp

Ready to say goodbye

Time for some honest opinion for all of you readers out there. I think it has come to the point that the Nationals should cut ties with Stephen Strasburg.

Before everyone goes up in arms, hear me out, maybe you won’t think I am as crazy as I sound. Clearly this team will have to give up one of the pieces that they hold, now that they have shelled out hundreds of millions for this season’s biggest pitching free agent, Max Scherzer. But out of all of the trades that they could throw out there in the open market, I think there is only one that I am happy with. The best possible trade that I think this organization could pull off would be trading Stephen for Brian Dozier and a pitching prospect from the Minnesota Twins.
This may come as Bias from me because I can’t stand the idea of losing Jordan Zimmerman or Ian Desmond, but also because I think it is time that the Nationals realize Stephen is no longer the potential rising star that he once was. He will never be the same after his Tommy John surgery, he is not happy with the nationals coaching staff, and in all honesty he has no belief in himself. Ever since the innings limit and him being pulled from the rotation, he has been a ghost of what once was.
Right now without any trades, the Nationals are about to embark on a season with one of the best starting rotations in baseball history. But there is still a huge hole that is glaring as strong as the sun right in the center of the infield. We have no second baseman that we can rely on, no one that will help pull this dogsled of a team to the finish line of the World Series.

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2 Comments on Time to Say Goodbye

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this synopsis, however, a second baseman does not win a pennant. Usually. So is losing Stras or Desi or Zimm worth the risk?

  2. True one player usually does not win a pennant, but adding that one last piece to an almost perfect puzzle can push the nats over the tipping point and into an unstoppable team. We have the depth to sacrifice Stras in my mind, but I would be disheartened to lose Desi or Zimm.

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