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So many of us just heard from Roger Goodell on the state of the NFL and I have to admit that I didn’t care to pay attention to his presser. Why? The NFL has been a black eye in professional sports for a while now. I don’t care to listen to his mumbo-jumbo…I can get the recap of his presser from twitter. The truth of the matter is, the NFL is a moneymaker and most of us don’t care enough to stop supporting the NFL. I’m in that group – I’ll still watch the Super Bowl. People continue to watch the games, talk about the players, buy licensed gear, attend games and despite the amount of tools in the league, it’s still one of the greatest products out there. That’s right, I said product. It’s about making money in the end and all press is good press.

As we near the end of the NFL season, I think back to the entire year and I’m not amused with the amount of negative things that we’ve seen come out. Here is just a few of the things we’ve seen.

1. Josh Gordon suffering with substance abuse for everyone to see.
2. Ray Rice knocking out his wife on camera – there’s proof.
3. Adrian Peterson using a switch on his son for disclipine – allegedly.
4. Patriots apparently cheating (again).
5. A star running back is criticized for his “defiance” towards the media.
6. Controversy surrounding a quarterback situation in Cleveland.
7. Ray McDonald is released amid investigation into his off-the-field troubles.

There are plenty more stories about the NFL and most experts have agreed that this year was a true test of the stability of the league. Star players with legal troubles and suspensions seemed to be given more exposure. Has it ever been this bad? Is it a result of the commissioner and existing policies? We don’t know the true answer….what we do know is that the NFL is still making money.

When I originally thought about the point of this blog, I didn’t think it would be hard to point out the good in professional sports. It’s not. But, people have proven that they don’t really care about it. Or maybe you do, because you’re reading this. Regardless of what you think about the tools in the league, we have to understand that they are still human. We all have choices to make in how we carry ourselves. If you think that a specific player isn’t acting as they should, maybe you should try living your life in the spotlight. Would you handle it properly? Ideally, it’d be nice for the good stories to be more important and get the proper attention. But, if the NFL continues to make money off the negativity (think advertising), none of it will go away. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Go Chargers!

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