The pointless pace of play rules.


By: Jacob Fain

Baseball is a great sport for many reasons, one of which being its slow and relaxed play and feel. This offseason the head guys at the MLB offices aimed to fix that, they implemented pacing rules. The rules basically have put a “timer” on the game, a pitcher will now have around twenty seconds to release the ball when pitching. This first rule in itself is insane, a catcher for one needs time to relay signs to the pitcher this can take a while for instance if a pitcher misses a sign on the first go round he signs for another look at the signs. Rushing the pitcher to watch the signs could lead to bad pitch placement and being to the batters advantage. Now I do agree with the no-pitch intentional walks rule, but baseball is not a game of speed well unless you’re Ricky Henderson.The fines of up to $500 are just dumb, I mean you’re going to fine a guy who makes over $100 million a year a measly (for them) $500 and expect them to stop stepping out to adjust their stance or whatever the heck Big Papi does every time he steps out.  I mean I’m very happy that we are taking steps as a sport to advance play and make the game more efficient but this may be too much all at once, little by little we should use these type of things to speed up the games.  What do you think about the new rules? Comment or tweet me @ItsJFainy

Jacob Fain
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