The People’s MVP

By: Joe “Cright” Cardoso

Six foot three.

190 pounds.

Most of us played some sort of sport when we were little. Some of us kept going and became great. Others like me still try to hold on to past sports glory and fail every weekend. The last group is the small, not that fast, just-not-big-enough crowd. God blessed us with an array of talents and gifts, but playing sports at the highest level was not one of them. And if you are anything like me, you find those moments when you say, “If only I had one more shot…”

For this sports junkie, that is one of the many things that make Steph Curry GREAT. He looks like most of us: a normal dude. I’m all for being yourself and expressing who you are, but trust me when I say that if you think corporate America is hiring people sleeved in tats and sporting Mohawks…well, I hate to break it to you kids, but most companies are not.

Steph is the peoples champ. He has a relentless work ethic, jacking up thousands of shots a day and never settling for less than perfect. He inspires people to keep pushing, and his production this season displayed those qualities. The Bay Area fan base consists of all races and ages, and when the Warriors are entertaining, they show up and support to the end. That’s not a typo; I said, “entertaining,” because they haven’t won a lot in recent years, or at least they didn’t until 2009, when an undersized bony kid from little Davidson College on North Carolina came to town. I first saw Steph in the 2008 NCAA Tourney when he put the team on his back and roasted any and all comers. Mid-major powerhouse Gonzaga got lit up for 30 points in one HALF! Against Georgetown, Curry dropped 25 points in a half. It finally took mighty Kansas to oust him.

I remember asking people who is this kid and where did he come from? No Duke pedigree, not UNC, not even… dare I say… NC State, took a chance on him. As the son of a great all-time shooter and NBA Sixth h Man Award winner Dell Curry, surely someone along Tobacco Road would give him a shot. But the ACC goliaths evidently thought along the same lines as I did: he is too small, will struggle to get his shot off, he won’t be a star in the league, etc. Like everyone else, Curry proved me wrong when the Golden State Warriors picked him seventh overall in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Curry has had a solid NBA career and made a name for himself, but man, THIS SEASON he really took his game to the next level! Or as the kids say, he went 0-100 REAL QUICK. Curry broke his own record for three-pointers made, and led the team to the best record in the Association. He emerged as the leader of this team, setting the pace game after game, and in teaming up with Klay Thompson to form the “Splash Brothers,” they just may be the best shooting backcourt EVER. The Dubs are steamrolling their way through the playoffs and Steph was recently named 2015 NBA MVP.

We all hear how hard work pays off, and every league player will say something to that effect. For me, I feel Steph Curry is that phrase defined. All the doubters and non-believers got a slap in the face after the votes were counted. He is more than just Dell Curry’s son: he’s a baller, and the undisputed Peoples Champ. If you were never a high -flying baller, seeing a fundamentally sound shooter who can handle the rock is refreshing. There is a little Steph Curry in all of us. Bravo, and salute to a great season and an exciting ride ahead.

Joe Cardoso
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