The Choice is Yours

By: Joe “Cright” Cardoso

As we enter draft week one question seems to keep coming up as it always does, is the player your team drafting a “good person”, are they “face of the franchise” type. In today’s sports world we seem to have 24/7 access to our stars and there backgrounds. Most people it would seem have some sekltons in our closet, should that stop us from getting a second chance? If I where a GM the level of the “issue” would determine if the player was worth the risk. How about you, what you use to determine if a prospect was worth it. All the professional leagues are littered with tales of risk that teams took a chance on and got burned bad. For those casual fans here are a few names who cashed in, crashed, and burned franchises. Ryan Leaf, Charles Rogers, Jamarcus Russell and the list goes on and on. College is a time to grow up and find yourself, so do you chaulk it up to a kid making  dumb mistake or a pattern? Society good or bad is very forgiving in America you make a reasonable mistake apologize and ask for a second chance and we do. What Ray Rice did in my opinion was gross and horrible and he should be banned from having the PRIVAGLE of playing in the NFL. But remember fans some female where wearing his jersey the next day! Not sure what that says about us as a society and the NFL fan base. This year we have players accused of rape, smoking weed which I predict will soon be a non issue. Teams do extreme background checks on propects and it comes to this. Do  I feel confident that this player will be productive and help my team win, and two will he be a good citizen/rep for this organization. The Patiorts did homework on Arron Hernandez and felt he was a good player and we saw they swung and missed as he now sits in prison for life after being found guilty for murdering a man. The draft is so much more intense now so many jobs are on the line with each pick from the GM to the coaching staff. Jamies Winston is accussed of rape and has been found not guilty multiple times. Do you want that cloud over your team? What about the growing female sports fan base? Will they not support your product if you pick him? These are the slippery questions teams must answer. Based on attendance numbers in the major sports I would tend to say that fans do not care what you do off the filed. Do your job on the field and they will treat you like a God. Be a bust and THEN all the off the field issues will be brought up. Now isn’t that funny? IF I where to own a team I would want to make the most profit I could and that means having a winning product on the field. Seems that the best approach is to take each “issue” for what it is and ask yourself can I live with this, is it a pattern. These questions I am bringing up are being discussed right now in NFL draft war rooms right now and in NBA offieces. The world will live in is changing super fast, but one thing remains the same, people love winners and comapines love to make money. Would you sellout on your moral values for money? Or would you give people who may have not had the upbringing you did a chance to improve as a human being, help in the community and make some money? For me the second choice is the door I’d open. How about you?

Joe Cardoso
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