The Future Of MLB

January 14, 2017 0

By: Chandler Ragsdale Do you ever like to imagine about new expansion teams in sports, such as what their name would be, or where they would be located? I do, and I have five teams […]

Beasts of the East

August 25, 2016 0

By: Chandler Ragsdale The AL East race has been pretty tight all season long. The first half involved mainly the Orioles on top, followed tightly by the Red Sox, while the Blue Jays were figuring […]

MLB All-Star Format is Good for the Game

July 15, 2016 0

It happens every year. It starts in May, picks up steam toward the end of June, and reaches its pinnacle in July. Criticism of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game has become as synonymous with America’s […]

MLB 2016 Preview

April 1, 2016 0

By: Andrew “Fish” Fain The Cherry Blossoms are blooming , the sun is shining brightly in Los Angeles and Pitchers and Catchers have started to report in both Florida and Arizona (just a little note […]

How Bill James Is Ruining Baseball

February 19, 2016 0

By: Andrew “Fish” Fain If Baseball is Russia, then Bill James is Joseph Stalin. I know that is a stark analogy, and maybe even a little unfair, but it is true. James is one of […]

But Who Was Clint Eastwood?

January 7, 2016 0

By: Andrew “Fish” Fain So today’s MLB Hall of Fame announcement was a lot like that famous Sergio Leone western, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. First the “Good”, Ken Griffey Jr and Mike […]

We Can’t All Win, Can We?

December 11, 2015 0

By: Andrew “Fish” Fain This is the time in the Hot Stove season that all the columns are written telling you who won and who lost the winter meetings. It is ridiculous to have a […]

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