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Spotlight On Fitness


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By: Joe Cardoso

Since its inception, one of the things I wanted to really convey with Nuts and Bolts Sports is this: I love dream chasers. I want to recognize those who spread positive thinking, and uplift others in reaching their goals. Our latest person featured on our Spotlight on Fitness fits that to a T. Coming from Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State, we shine our light on Noelle Benepe. She left her successful job in the world of banking and moved to Los Angeles, with nothing but her strong will and a dream. Through hard work and doing things the right way, she began her journey with fitness. She quickly became a favorite of people seeking to get fit and find the right mentor to push them, Her challenges are awesome. Our very own Cynthia Arroyo has done one and really enjoyed it. Benepe is now running a fantastic community called “We Are Strength,” that is full of people pushing to be better, as well as help others achieve their goals and aspirations. Benepe’s online challenges are becoming popular nationwide, and she’s only getting started. Noelle says it best herself: “It’s important for each person to find value in themselves.” Here’s a closer look at this week’s Spotlight on Fitness featured guest, Noelle Benepe.

JC: Why fitness and training? At what point did you know this was “it”?

Noelle Benepe: What other career path allows you to physically and mentally work on yourself every day, while encouraging and supporting others with their goals? When I realized I loved what I was doing on a day-to-day basis and remembered this was my job, I knew this was it.

JC: Did you play any sports growing up?

NB: I did. I played basketball and volleyball until 8th grade, then I injured myself and couldn’t play contact sports, so I did crew (rowing) through high school.

JC: At what point did you know you could take this to the next level?

NB: I’ve always believed in myself and my passion and commitment to what I do. Once I was given an opportunity of growth through social media, I knew there was no time for breaks!

JC: What are the correlations between working out and self esteem?

NB: It’s simple. We feel good when we know we are doing something good for ourselves.

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JC: How do you mentally prepare yourself for a workout?

NB: Music is everything. I have a “first song” I listen to before the gym. I also run down my entire workout in my head. I commit to a certain set of reps and sets, and make no excuses until I complete what I committed to.

  JC: At what point do you begin to turn up the heat on yourself and increase the demands of your workout?

NB: As soon as a get to the gym, I’m wasting my time if I don’t give it all I’ve got. I never decide to half-ass a workout or give 60 percent. If I’m making time in my day to workout, then I’m going to work out.

JC: I walk into a vitamin/health store for the first time. I should buy____?

NB: Tough question. Everyone has different goals and different body types. There are staple supplements people can use regularly to support their workout routine, like protein powder and bcaas, but without knowing the clients goals, I wouldn’t instruct you to go spend money on things you might not need.

JC: A cheat day meal consists of? And why?

NB: I don’t have a consistent cheat meal. I also don’t have an extremely strict diet. If I want a piece of chocolate on a Wednesday, I’ll have it. I watch how much I consume, of course. Breakfast is normally what I’d cheat with though, really yummy waffles with strawberries and syrup!!

JC: Best career advice you have gotten so far?

NB: If your next move feels comfortable, you aren’t making the right move. Move further.

JC: What’s your favorite exercise and why?

NB: Burpees! Maybe I love them because everyone else hates them! I like that one move can turn into a full body workout, and make you break a good sweat. Its normally always my superset exercise choice.

Bonus Question: -Orcas island is best known for what?

NB: Man, I can’t even think of one thing. Orcas Island is magical. If I had to choose one thing, I’d say the land is beautiful and full of color.


I have no doubts Noelle is someone who will be talked about in the industry for a long time. And I thank her for taking the time to talk with me, and I will be signing up for a challenge this year. image1

For more information on Noelle, follow her on social media:Twitter: @Nbenepe Instagram: NoelleBenepe Website: YouTube: Noelle Benepe

Want to be the next person under the spotlight? Send us an email and we can talk! Be on the lookout for who’s next! Until next time, keep moving forward and do work!

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