Spotlight On Fitness: Miranda Leigh

By: Joe Cardoso

Few things are as satisfying as being the first to do something or proving doubters wrong. That feeling is in the DNA of a real dream chaser and go getter. Being a die hard Michigan Wolverine fan for life I was led to believe nothing good comes from that state know as Ohio,well,  except LeBron James. Our featured athlete proved me to be wrong, and while you’ll never hear me  screaming Oh…Io! I may have to make a visit and see what the hype is all about. Not only is she a personal trainer but she is an entrepreneur and is just getting started. Proving that with hard work and a positive attitude anything is possible.  From the state of Ohio and now calling Florida home let’s get to know Miranda Leigh!

JC: How did you end up on this career path of fitness/personal training path?

ML: I always struggled with my weight and self-image in high school and during my senior year my mother was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and was in a lot of pain, so I made it my goal to gain knowledge on the subject to help her. Most of my family members on dad’s side of the family has type II Diabetes and all of this together just made a lightbulb go off….I needed to help my family and set myself up for a healthy future in the process!


JC: What is Bodi By Miranda all about?

ML: After received my PT certificate and graduating with a Human Nutrition degree, I was ready to make a difference. I started my business to help clients online all over the world through my outreach on social media. I have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds. The conventional approach with my degree would have been to go into nutrition sales or corporate nutrition, but I wanted to truly make a long lasting and genuinely positive influence!

JC: What sports did you play growing up, and do you still play any?

ML: I played a little bit of everything at a young age but my sports were Track and Cheerleading in high school. I didn’t play any sports in college so I geared my love for athletics into a passion for fitness and training!


JC: Being from Ohio, tell America what is it like being a fan of Ohio sports teams. Which team is your favorite?

ML: IT’S THE BEST! No lie, Ohio fans are so loyal and I absolutely love supporting my teams. I am from Cleveland so I love my Cleveland Browns and Cavs! Graduating from Ohio State I had a lot of friends on the football team, and you can not beat an OSU football game in the fall!

JC: What does it mean to you being not only a business owner but a female entrepreneur?

ML: It means more than I can express. My mom raised me on her own for most of my childhood and we didn’t have much. I was the first in my family (both sides) to graduate from college and that in itself was a HUGE deal to me. But after successfully starting my own business, I realized that NO ONE and NOTHING can stop you from achieving your goals & no dream is too big!

JC: What is your workout routine?

ML: I work out 6 days a week, sometimes 2 times a day. My routine depends on my physique goals at that time but currently, I am leaning down and doing a lot more cardio. About 30 min of cardio a day + a lift. 2 leg days per week, 1 triceps & shoulder, 1 bicep & back, 2 isolated cardio days + abs multiple days a week!

JC: Besides your own company are you working with any other brands/companies?

ML: Yes, I work with a ton of brands every single day! The list is very long and I love collaborating with brands that have a similar message and can add value to my brand for my followers and clients!

JC: How exciting is it living now in Florida?

ML: I LOVE IT HERE! I was traveling to Florida a lot for modeling and I felt like I was living out of my suitcase. I love to travel but I also thrive off of routine and it was killing me not to have one. It was my plan since May 2016 and I lit a fire under my boyfriend to start looking for jobs in South Florida. A year later and we are here! It’s pretty amazing to set a goal and finally achieve it!

JC: Social media can be a gift and a curse, how do you handle it?

ML:  Ahhhh, I couldn’t agree more. A lot of my followers probably don’t know this but I have really bad anxiety. I put a lot on my plate and it’s pretty much always too much for me to handle mentally. I get it done but I’m constantly pretty stressed out. It took awhile but I’m finally at the point where the positivity I receive every day outweighs the negativity. I just ignore it and it doesn’t both me one bit. What does still get to me is the pressure of social media to post constantly, share your life with everyone and uphold a certain expected image. There’s a lot of pressure from brands and IG itself to stay active and if you don’t you lose followers and engagement. Sometimes I just say “f*%$ it” I’m a human being with a life and I’ll take a break. During my move, I took a break from IG for about a month and it felt amazing but I paid the price of lost followers, support and engagement. OH WELL! I know my true supporters understand and will always support me and for me, that is all I can ask for.


JC: What advice do you have for a fitness/healthy lifestyle newbie?

ML: I have so much I could say here BUT I’ll keep it simple, stay true to yourself and your goals. Stay motivated but don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t look like. This is YOUR body, you need to love it and yourself, no-one else opinion matters!


Bonus Questions

JC: What’s the perfect cheat day meal for you?

ML: LOL I have so many but I’m going to go with ZAZA and FROYO

JC: I have ONE day in Ohio where are 3 must visit places?

ML: Downtown Cleveland for a dinner on East 4th and a Cavs game, Short north in Columbus for a bar crawl, OSU vs. Michigan for the best football experience ever!

Without a doubt, you can sense her positive vibes and energy! And if you have any fitness questions or need nutrition help shoot her an email! Follow her journey as well. And follow us @NutsAndBoltsSportsSP

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