Sami Bossert: Spotlight On Fitness

By: Joe Cardoso

Summer is HERE, I think, and with that comes people hitting the gym or the track hard to improve themselves. Whether its to get ready for an active summer outdoors or simply to feel good inside and out, the spotlight turns to fitness. Today our spotlight takes us to Columbus, Ohio and introduces us to a hardworking young lady who is taking the fitness world by storm her way. When she isnt busy as an RN, shes developing her upandcoming fashion line , so, as you will soon see, theres never a dull moment for her! Introducing Sami Bossert aka Lean Machine

Joe Cardoso (JC): What sparked this passion and change in you? Why did you get into fitness and healthy living as a career?

Sami Bossert (SB): I grew up being very active I dabbled in many sports and hobbies a few of which were equitation horseback riding, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and track. I burned a lot of calories playing all these sports, but I also had quite an appetite and always seemed to eat a lot and not the healthiest of foods. The days of playing competitive sports were over when I reached college but eating was even worse as now I had full control over what I ate and living in a dorm wasnt exactly inspiring healthy habits. Luckily it didnt take me long to start realizing I was starting to gain weight. At this time, I had the opportunity to get a job as a trainer at our main recreation facility at my university. I thought this was a great opportunity to get back into a sport-relatedactivity.

As I began training others, I also started training myself not only in the physical aspects but also trying to experimentwith my nutrition, portions, timing meals, etc. This was also when fitness magazines like Fitness RX For Women, Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers is where you got your advice, tips, overall information and old-school motivation from the cover models. 

Just as social media models and influencers are the ones people look up to today, I was inspired by the original fitness cover models on these magazines and since Day 1 was it a goal of mine to be on a cover of one of these 3 magazines.  This was part of my motivation for starting on my own fitness journey.

As time has passed, my journey has transitioned into finding happiness in balance” – a balance between enjoying my life (of which includes good food) and being a strong, confident, healthy woman.

JC: So, I hear you were quite the basketball player in high school, among other sports, ball is life. What position did you play, and do you still hoop?

SB: Aw, ha-ha. Thank you! I loved my years playing basketball! It was the most important sport in my high school (for the ladies), and I was lucky enough to have some skills on the court.

I played all 3 positions, but point guard and post were my two main positions. Im left handed which I feel gave me an advantage, I also always had a pretty strong lower body – despite my ACL injury – that allowed me to be the top rebounder on my team (at 56’’). Currently, I dont still play. I love to pick up a ball and shoot around when I can!

JC: With all the information, good and bad, we get hit with on social media, how do you pick products you use and support?

SB: Thats such a great question. Since I first started social media, Ive always done my best to be 100% transparent, 100% educational and genuine with those who follow me. But since day 1, I have always felt awkward promoting products of any kind. For example, Ive been with a supplement company for the last 4 years and most wouldnt know because I rarely ever post about it!

On a positive note, I feel that influencers can reach many, many people for a small fee, but on the other side, I feel promoting products has become very saturated and ingenuine.

I prefer to promote a product or at least mention it on my page somewhere without getting paid or buying it myself. This shows more genuineness and honesty from me compared to promoting it for payment or getting it for free. This is what works for me and what Im most comfortable with. I want my following to know Im genuine, trustworthy and reputable.

Answering your question –  the products I end up working with are products that I GENUINELY love! 2 of my favorite products are gym accessories that I use at the gym, take with me on every vacation, incorporate into my videos and find so much use for them! Im very picky with what I use (in life in general) so if I find a product useful and it offers a lot of PROS, I have no problem mentioning it to the people who follow me and trust in my thoughts and experience.

JC: Speaking of social media, its a jungle out there. How important is it to you to stay 100% real? As you know, the fake promises and filters etc. can make it hard for newbies to get started or stay motivated.

SB: Its funny you say that. Ive been in the social media world for over 5 years and during these 5 years, Ive seen so many trends pop up on my feed that I cant even countTheres an APP to do anything and everything, so its tough to know whats real and what isnt. I think its important that these newbies follow respectable, reputable, honest and genuine people so they dont lose sight of real-life.  

JC: How important is it to you to be a great role model for women?

SB: Its one of the most important things for me. These women are truly the ones whove motivated and inspired me these last few years. To know that Im making a positive impact on their lives in a real, kind, happy way this is one of the most rewarding things Ive ever experienced in my life (even being a nurse). If thats not enough, go onto my activewear website ( and read all about some of the beautiful women Ive had the pleasure to work with each piece is named after one of them a real woman with real struggles and real hopes and ambitions to make her life better. These women inspire me daily.

JC: When someone decides to have you be their trainer or signs up for a challenge, what are they getting?

SB: A whole lot! Just like everything that I offer youll receive everything and more in the product. I never want to give under 150%, and this goes back to being trusted and highly reputable and never having any clients being disappointed in being coached by me.

JC: PTula, how did it start, and whats the meaning of the name? Did you always want to start a clothing line?

SB: I think we are on the same page 😉 So I started Ptula with the women in mind the women I work with in my programs whove opened up to me regarding their past, present and hopeful future. They all live different lives, in different locations, with different goals, hopes, and dreams. I wanted to create a Collection that would make these women feel even more amazing in their own skin, in their daily life and to overall live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Did I always want to start a clothing line? Actually no. I never thought I had a creative mind’ – especially in fashion –  because I always excelled in the analytical and mathematical world not the creative world. I never thought I was trendyand honestly still feel Im not trendy but more the classictype and thats what Ptula is Class. Beauty. Sophistication. Most importantly, we have a beautiful, real and honest group of women as our family and Ptulas main inspiration.

JC: What are some of the cool things you have planned for 2018 and beyond?

SB: Currently I am working on creating a few training guidesthat will allow many to purchase unique, challenging and effective programs outside of my personal BBY challenge. I want people to get the most of my creative, effective and exciting workouts while they wait for the next BBY challenge! I want to include men in these guides because I want to help everyone feel better, look better, be a positive role model and inspiration in their own life.

Im hoping to really take Ptula to the next level. I want to build up our local community in Columbus Ohio. I also really want to work on a Ptula Tour around the US in 2019, one where I can put together a few boot camps in a few cities and have some fun with Lean Machinefollowers and Ptula lovers! I want Ptula to be more than an activewear line I want it to empower the community, make people feel better to live a healthier life

JC: Breakdown what a normal workout week looks like for you.

SB: Its been quite different recently compared to 2 years ago. My workouts are all over the board these days Ive been really enjoying full body workouts because I love working several muscle groups all at once its amazing cardio, engages your core the entire time, and challenges my mind (pulls me away from the stresses of the day). Im currently working on an amazing Full Body Fire Guide that will be a program anyone can purchase in just a few weeks!!

JC: Who keeps YOU inspired and motivated?

SB: Sounds crazy but the women I meet and connect with via my social media platforms. I love being able to connect and communicate with these ladies. They dont realize how inspiring each of them is (despite me having a lot of people following me). They all are working hard and want to better their lives. This is what inspires me. I hope to have the opportunity to travel a little and meet more of them very soon.

Bonus Questions:

JC: How did you get the nickname Lean Machine?

SB: SOOO this Instagram name was seriously one of those AOLnickname emails we all used to have 😉 I never thought it would be a name a lot of people remember or use to identify me.

But many have found it accurate for what I do, who I am and (most days) what I look like. . . I work hard. I have some muscle. I do not stop.  

JC: Unwinding and relaxing to you means what?

SB: Either home with a bottle of wine and a movie with my husband and pup, or a girls night with my sisters and other girlfriends. Im a home-body but I do love to dance whenever I get the opportunity.

JC: What is on the menu for the perfect Sami B cheat meal?

SB: I have 2 cheat meals that I have weekly!

Jacks Supreme Pizza super easy and quick-frozen pizza. I add turkey pepperoni!! Add a glass of red wine!

Fresh signature sushi rolls from our favorite local sushi place. Add a glass of red wine!!

Now I know many of you are aware I am a lifelong Michigan fan, and I wont hold Sami being an OSU alumnus against her at all! (lol) All jokes aside Sami embodies the words hustle and grind. Highlighting positive people who are on a mission to educate and inspire is what the Spotlight on Fitnessis all about.

Sami is very active on social media. Get inspired or find that spark to start pursuing your dream. Follow her journey online:

Fashion Website:

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