Ray Lewis, Florida’s Favorite Son…

Ray Lewis

If you think Baltimore Ravens fans love Ray Lewis?

Then…you’ve not spend any time with some of his hometown fans in Florida.

They love the man more and like the television commercial use to say…

More is Better!!!

They absolutely couldn’t be any more proud that one of their own not only made it to the NFL, but also became a star and now is in Pro Football’s Hall of Fame.

Ray’s life is a movie waiting to be film.

It has every story line in the book!

A young kid from humble beginnings grows up to play football at Kathleen High School in Lakeland, Florida well enough and earns a scholarship to play for the Division I Miami Hurricanes, where he becomes an All-American, then..

Gets drafted by the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, where he plays his whole career, and wins two Super Bowls, the last one in Victory Tour Style Fashion.

It even has a way too close for comfort brush with the law, which nearly lands him prison.

Ray will be the first one to tell you that one thoughtless moment , not only, nearly derailed his career, but his whole life.

And how it sobered him up and jacked him back to his religious fundamentals.

One of Ray’s greatest values was his ability to inspire his teammates and this value was unmeasurable on the sidelines and in the locker-room for years to the Raven’s coaching staff.

When he retired, Ray left some gigantic shoes to be fill inside that Raven’s locker-room, but…

They were toddlers shoes compare to the ones his son, Ray Lewis III, had to fill.

While a great majority of children with famous parents, would shy away from the spotlight, the kid embraced his famous father’s enormous shadow…

Upping The Ante!, by playing football for his father’s Alma Matter, the University of Miami, Hurricanes.

Folks tend to forget because the ‘Canes football program had fallen into some hard times until recently that The U at one point was sending players to the NFL by the handful.

And also that the NCAA had to write rules about taunting because of the ‘Canes.

They were the original Fast & Furious, both on offense and defense.

The Hurricanes will go into places like Texas and not only beat them, but they will destroy them in front of their own fans.

The ‘Canes would…

  • Tell you before the game, how they were going to beat you.
  • Tell you during the game, how they were beating you.
  • And tell you after the game that you never had a chance to beat them.

Their collective mantra was,

“…It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up!“…It’s a ‘Cane Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand!”

Congratulations!…Ray Lewis…we can’t be any more prouder of you!

Written by Julio Olmo ~ The Voice of One!


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