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Rafael Devers SOURCE: AP Photo/David Goldman

The trade deadline is a week from today and for Dave Dombrowski the Red Sox they really could use bullpen help. After the loss from the Angels yesterday Dave Dombrowski said the top prospect Rafael Devers has been promoted and will start Tuesday in Seattle.
Dombrowski said yesterday that scouts said it was the right time to call him up. Devers has batted .400 average in 35 at bats for the Pawtucket Red Sox. It’s not the first time the Red Sox called up a player quickly, Andrew Benintendi was called up last year along with Yoan Moncada. Moncada didn’t work out while Benintendi continues to shine in the Majors.
A good question is will the Red Sox trade Devers at the deadline is that the reason they called him up? Yes they need a third baseman but if Devers doesn’t work out don’t be surprised if he’s used In a trade for next Mondays trade deadline. The pitcher pitching Tuesday for Seattle is Felix Hernandez what a way to have a debut in the big leagues. As long as Devers proves he can be an asset to the Red Sox at third base and can hit he should have no problem.
The Red Sox are 55-45 and have a 2.5 game lead for first in the AL East. They should win the divison, with the talent they have they just need bullpen help.
An interesting story appeared in the Boston Globe after the Red Sox game Sunday. Dan Shaughnessy wrote what went down between David Price and Dennis Eckersley on a team flight a few weeks back. Price shouting at Eckersely to get the (expletive) out of here and teammates applauding him is disgraceful to a Hall Of Fame pitcher and to the gane of baseball.
It was also noted in Shaughnessy’s Column that no team member or even the Manager apologized to Eckersely for the childish behavior from David Price. Eckersely deserves an apology either from Price or Farrell, just own up to it.
Word of advice for Price your making 31million dollars a year can you set an example for the younger players on the team and not be such a dirtbag, giving negative attention to yourself. If im the Red Sox I would really hope Price opts out of his contract next season.
It’s funny how after Price has an awful start Shaughnessy comes out with the article in the Boston Globe. Goes to show people are still willing to talk about what went down on the team flight between Price and Eckersely but not even an apology to Eckersely is just wrong.

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