Patriots Season In Review

We have come to an end to another NFL season. The Patriots have lost the Super Bowl but let’s face it, it was a crazy year. The Patriots started the season off to a slow start. Then traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ERS for a second round pick. The rift between Brady, Kraft, and Belichick started to leak out. Garoppolo was Belichick’s next guy after Brady was gone. But Brady who is still playing at an high level. Wanted Garoppolo gone because he felt his job was being taken from him.

So Garoppolo went to the 49ERS and finished 7-0 as a starter to finish the season. The Patriots got the number one seed in the playoffs and were making their way to another Super Bowl. However the tension was and is still there in Foxboro. Both Robert and Jonathan Kraft said there is tension but not dysfunction in the Patriots locker room. Now with the Super Bowl loss and Brady the 40 year old who passed for 505 yards is still the greatest quarterback of all time.  Matt Patricia left the Patriots to coach the Detroit Lions and Josh McDaniels returns to the Patriots after accepting the Colts head coaching position.

Malcolm Butler was crying that he didn’t play in the game and that it was a football decision to sit him on the bench. It was the biggest game of the season and Belichick thought it was best for the team to have the Super Bowl hero corner sit the bench. Did he think that Brady could just go down the field and score and they’ll win? I’m sorry to say I think he did. The defense wasn’t that good all season and Butler had a grudge that Gilmore got the contract he did. But Butler sucked it up and didn’t play in the Super Bowl.

Now Gronk is considering retirement form football and moving to Hollywood to become an actor. Here is for certain they’re is no way Tom Brady will let that happen and he will convince Gronk to stay in New England. This off season will be very interesting for the Patriots moving forward.

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