NFL Week 1 Questions And Thoughts

NFL Week 2 Questions and Thoughts

By: Joe Cardoso

NFL Week 1 is here, we made it through all the offseason and the daily Antonio Brown Days Of Our Lives episodes have come to an end we hope. Our favorite players and teams hit the field, and we get to play QB from the sofa, bar stool, or stands. With that being said, this season-long series is just thoughts and questions I have week to week. Let’s jump right into it and talk pigskin!

  1. Tennesse Titans vs. Cleveland Browns: Is the hype real? How will the Browns kick off the year and can we see old school OBJ? This is a BIG year for Marcus Mariota how does he come out the gates. What effect will no Taylor Lewan have versus the Browns pass rush?
  2. New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys: Will Eli make it to halftime? Cowboys have some talent on defense will they force Daniel Jones into the game? How will a Cabo trained Zeke look? Jason Witten got anything left in the tank? Saquon Barkley year two I am ready for it is Dallas?
  3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: This one has a ton of questions that we will get some answers for about both teams. Patrick Mahomes can he do it again or even better? This Jags team was so close to a Super Bowl now with a legit quarterback what does it look like? Leonard Fournette is in all world shape will that translate to on-field success? What new wrinkles will Andy Reid show with all these new weapons?
  4. Indianapolis Colts vs. Los Angles Chargers: Feel so crazy to type this, but the post-Andrew Luck era begins in LA. The Chargers have a solid defense even without Darwin James, Jacoby Brissett will have his hands full. The Colts defense is young, fast and talented as well so no day off for Phillip Rivers. The Indy D has to keep the team in the game. Fun one to watch.
  5. Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Can the Eagles get back to Super Bowl form? Carson Wentz is back healthy, and we want him to stay that way plus a ton of new/old faces on offense. For the Redskins it is the defense that has fans excited, and we hope to get something from an attack which should run, run, run and run some more.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots: My game of the week! The defending champs will be feeding off the home crowd energy, and the Steelers need to take a punch and keep going — another Big Ben vs. Tom Brady matchup and I for one am all for it. The Patriots running backs are all dangerous but are any of them better than James Conner? I expect a high scoring game. Two points have the Steelers defense improved? And how does a Gronkless Pats offense look? This may be the last and only week to beat the Pats now that a certain all-pro wideout is coming to town. You’ve been warned NFL teams.
  7. Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings: Taking a page from the Texans the Falcons gave Matt Ryan an upgrade on the offensive line and hope that takes him back to MVP form. With Devonta Freeman back, this team should put points on the board. The defense last year had guys coming off the street to play, and that seems not to be the case so far. The Vikings want to get back to the NFC championship game and then some. Year two for the $80 million dollar man Kirk Cousins what has he learned? 
  8. Which rookie will make the biggest splash? Which rookie will have a rough debut?
  9. Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: Two young QB’s in year two face off this is a low key good matchup. Le’Veon Bell hasn’t taken a hit in 20 months what will he look like? The Jets made some moves on the defensive side of the ball, and the Bills have a nasty front four. 
  10. Question of The Week: Which game gets screwed over with this new rule with coaches being able to challenge pass interference calls? I don’t like it and hope I’m wrong, but with the NFL you never know.

That’s it for week 1, what games or players are you looking forward to? Let continue the chat follow me @JoeCardoso301 and @NutsAndBoltsSP. Happy NFL Sunday America now someone pass me the wings and toss a cold beer! CHEERS!!


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