New Year, New Us?

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We all have seen the memes and cliche status updates about “new year, new me” in the past couple of days. Some have criticized or mocked strangers, some have encouraged others. In case you haven’t heard about her, this young lady is a positive role model and she’s younger than most of you reading this now.

Lauren Hill, a collegiate basketball player that was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer back in September of 2014. She was given only a couple of months to live. That did not stop her from her dreams. At age 19, she wanted to play basketball for her college Mount St. Joseph at the start of their season and assist with raise money for DIPG cancer research.

Lauren HillShortly after her diagnosis, she set out on her own campaign to raise $1 million in donations for The Cure Starts Now Foundation. With the help of social media and major sports networks sharing her inspirational story, her goal was reached as the year closed out.

As stated on her donation page,, a total of $1,247,236 was raised as 2014 concluded. 

Although, the campaign donations are still ongoing, I have a strong inclination that her story can inspire us beyond sending in a donation. Her tenacity to fight through despite being terminally ill reminds us of the strength we can when faced with life-changing obstacles. You may have chosen to donate to ALS during last year’s ice bucket challenge or helped the less fortunate with an extra coat or blanket this wintee. Either way, if it’s something that makes us feel good the way I’m certain Miss Hill feels now, then I’m all for it. It’s people like Lauren Hill that can take focus off the negative and get us focused on being a positive person in the new year.

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