NCAAF Week 1: What Did We Learn?

Written by: LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

While there are a couple games YET to be played, the number one ranked team in the country, The Ohio State Buckeyes taking on the Hokies of Virginia Tech on Monday night is the primary game left. But there is enough already to make an accurate assessment of “What we have learned” so far. Some not surprising and a few very surprising lessons, so lets dive in.

Weather dictates ALL:

As usual, thunder and lightning storms started the college football season in disarray, in the southeastern states primarily as a number of games were delayed and ONE was cancelled all together.  LSU’s game was the one and there is no plans to reschedule it moving forward (according to ESPN sources). A favorite in the SEC this year, this one game could make the difference between the College Football Playoffs and looking outside at the College Football Playoffs for the GEAUX Tigers of LSU.

Controversy already for College Football Playoff system:

With the cancellation of the LSU game, combined with some very shaking pre-season rankings which led to a couple Top 25 teams taking losses week one, the system is already going to be in flux. Teams like Arizona State, who was a heavy favorite in the Pac-12 become penalized the entire season OR do they make a undefeated run and the loss to the SEC’s Texas A&M become a distant memory? if un-ranked Northwestern DOES run the Big Ten table, will people remember them beating the Stanford Cardinal week one? Can the Big XII get TWO teams in the playoffs in hopes to make up for the mistake of keeping TCU out of the playoffs last season? Surely a lot of questions moving forward.

Back to basics:

When teams decide to fight the revolution that is the NEW “QB era” of football, when a team like the Alabama Crimson Tide, who had their own QB debate, goes back to basics of running the football and playing smash-mouth defense, they become a very lethal and destructive force, one that beats heavily ranked opponents like the 20th ranked Wisconsin Badgers handily. When teams like University of Oregon, Baylor and USC Trojans stick to high powered offenses, they light up the scoreboards, regardless of if their defense is there or not. Most of the power teams will match up later this year and it looks to be one heck of a ride coming.

Change of scenery can do wonders:

Everyone knows the name Everett Golson, former QB of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. But with his troubles over the past couple of seasons, Golson decided to transfer and earned his way to the starting QB position of the Florida State Seminoles. Golson had some flashes of greatness while with Notre Dame but in the Seminole offense was spectacular as it plays right into Golson’s way of play. Golson finished his Seminole debut throwing 19-for-25 for 302 yards and four touchdowns with zero interceptions. It may be week one but lets not discredit Golson’s experience and skill set. Could very well be a dark horse in the Heisman race this year. Hear that NFL QB Robert Griffin III?

Passion never more greater than in college football:

The question is always asked, “Which is better, college or pro football and why?” Most will say college because the passion that EVERYONE has is genuine, pure and raw. With money NOT at the top of the list of reasons for the sport, college football is perceived more the “People’s sport.” And why not when you have games like BYU throwing a “Hail Mary” pass to win at Nebraska and the head coach is carrying into the locker room by his players. Or what about the Northwerstern win over ranked Pac-12 power, the Stanford Cardinal and you see an old coach like assistant coach Jerry Brown dancing up a storm with his kids. Video link courtesy of

Jerry Brown celebrating win with his kids

Lastly, slow the role:

As mentioned before, it is week one. While most losses vs Top 25 teams were early, the season is still young. Chances to make up and deliver blows to other ranked teams will come later as the schedule allows so, especially over the last several weeks of the college football season, not including individual conferences and conference championships of course. The season is young, filled with some things that are true and some that are skewed because it is early. So lets pump those brakes, slow the role to jump to conclusions. Not be prisoner of the moment people, just enlightened ones who keep things in mind as the season moves onto taking more of a solid shape.


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