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By: Sofia Wan

Te Amo Tequila
Tequila is definitely having a moment. 2018 is the year of tequila and all its health-benefits-glory. If it’s the good stuff and made from 100% blue agave, you are doing something right. Besides the myriad of health benefits-weight loss, relieves a sore throat, lowers cholesterol, lowers diabetes risk and helps with digestion-it’s simply an awesome ingredient to mix up in your cocktails all year round.
Depending on the cocktail and its ingredients, tequila can be a refreshing additive in the summer and then bring about a certain depth of warmth in the winter. Creating homemade flavored syrups is an easy way to make cocktails unique and can be easy enough as boiling water. The Ocho Mint is a refreshing concoction that takes very little prep time, looks nice and tastes crisp and clean.

Ocho Mint
Spank 5-6 pieces of mint (no need to muddle, spanking or slapping the mint will release the right amount of aroma/taste)
Add .5 oz clove syrup
Add 2 oz Tequila Ocho Tequila
Add .5 oz simple syrup
Add 1 oz lime juice
Combine all ingredients, add ice and shake
Pour shaken contents into a rocks glass
Garnish with 4 pieces of speared mint leaves
Clove Syrup
⅓ cup cloves
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
Bring all ingredients to a boil, occasionally stirring
Once the liquid is at a full boil for 1 minute, strain cloves out and let cool

Whether you are just getting the party started or having a drink a day to keep the doctor away, tequila is an all around crowd pleaser. Choose the good stuff and treat yourself! Until next month, keep the cocktails fresh and drink responsibly. You can always contact me with questions and comments at or @sofresha on instagram.

Sofia Wan
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I live in New York City where I'm the General Manager of Society Billiards + Bar--an upscale billiards club and lounge in the Flatiron District. I have the freedom to work with a wonderful team to create handcrafted cocktails that change with the seasons. While I consider myself a workaholic, in my free time I stay active with fun spin classes with friends and running around the city to keep up with the ever-changing cocktail trends.

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