Mess with this bull and you get the torn….meniscus.


By:Rob Botts

Sure, we’ve all heard the age-old expression: “Don’t mess with the bull, ’cause you’ll get the horns.” In many cases that would be 1000% true…A guaranteed, absolute, iron clad, blood soaked truth.

There have been two prime examples over the years on this planet of this…The annual running of the actual animal bulls in Spain of course, and the OTHER running of the NBA 1990’s Bulls. Anybody that dared stand in the way of those MJ led Bulls were severely gored and left for dead during those championship rampages.

The Bull with the sharpest horns and most determination was Michael Jordan. BUT, the Bull with the most violent and most severe stop and cut moves was Derrick Rose. I have never seen a player go as fast and as hard on a plant leg then thrust and change direction and go as equally as hard in another direction without destroying his leg in the history of athletics on a hard court. “There is no way this guy is human…He’s built out of the material they used to make Wolverine’s claws that I can’t pronounce..” I would say. The force that D-Rose would use in that initial plant was enough to start it’s own fault line under the city of Chicago and the entire state of Illinois. It’s shocking to me that his knee did not come immediately apart upon seeing just ONE of those moves he used to put on those helpless defenders…..

Then, one day…it happened. He planted and thrust into the air, landed and then didn’t get up on his own. He missed games…Did his rehab…Came back to run with the other bulls…While they were busy goring and scaring and running, Derrick was gingerly trotting around in attempts to avoid major contact and feel his way around the grounds….Then, one day…it happened. Again. He ran, planted to go around a defender to back on defense and pulled up slightly. Gone. He missed games…Did his rehab…Came back to run with the other bulls again. This time the other bulls seemed used to running without him and the people watching were angry at Derrick for not engaging like he used to…Not slamming through bodies and being insanely physical…He was a very careful bull now. Then, one day…it happened. Yet again….despite his carefulness. Which is where we sit now in the young calendar year of 2015.

D-Rose might not be gone for the season and be back in 6 weeks. OR, he might be gone for the season. In this humble blogger’s opinion, I think he will be back. But, just to clarify, not Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” back, just back. He will be a good player…but a different player. I think he will figure out how to get around those obsticales but it will be tough to watch.  Will the people running the Chicago Bulls organization be willing to watch that D-Rose? Time will tell….but it doesn’t look good.

But…in the end…The person maybe most willing not to watch D-Rose play as that type of player just might be D-Rose.



Rob Botts
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