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IMG_0068Joe (Cartright) Cardoso
Cartright Speaks His Mind
Joe (Cartright) Cardoso here! I’m the epitome of a sports junkie. An alum of the College of Southern Maryland, I received a diploma from the Maryland Institute of Broadcasting (MIB). During my tenure at MIB, I was a news/sports major and had the opportunity to intern at Fox 45 sports and Ravens Radio. I also worked as an overnight board operator for Sports Talk 980 ESPN Radio.

I’ve been a total sports fanatic pretty much from the womb. My first love is soccer followed by basketball and then football. My favorite athletes are Kevin Garnett and Marino Rivera and my sports teams are:

Baseball: Yankees
Football: NFL: Redskins/College: Michigan
Basketball: Wizards
Soccer: Chelsea

My passion for sports is never ending. My sister once commented that I would probably follow pig racing if it was a sport! I had to agree. Nuts and Bolts Sports is a HUGE deal to me. It brings together others who share my obsession and love for everything sports and fulfills a life-long dream to bring sports news to fans my way. Read what I have to say. Follow me @JoeCardoso21


Site and Blog Contributors

image1Melissa (Mel) Armstrong
Show Me the Money
Hi everybody! I’m Mel Armstrong. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I am 22 years old and entering my last semester of undergrad at George Mason University (GMU). I am pursuing a degree in Sports Management and a minor in Legal Studies. I am also the Director of Public Relations for the Sports Management Society at GMU. I plan to get my masters and pursue a career in sports law. I love all DC sports, especially the #Nats! I obsess over my fantasy baseball and football teams every year, and my favorite baseball player is Ian Desmond! Read what I have to say. Follow me @melarmstrong11

IMG_20150518_125608Kristen Ashly
Featured Writer and Senior Editor
Born a Braves fan, and raised a Packers fan, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a B.S. in Psychology, Sociology and Religious Studies. I also have a Master’s in Journalism from UMass. As a contributor for iHorror and Up All Night News, I’m always up for discussions on sports, movies, and binge-worthy television. Read what I have to say. Follow me @KristenAshly

Steve Atkinson

My name is Steve Atkinson I’m 25 from Taunton Ma and have a passion for sports. I’ve enjoy sports writing and podcasting. My two strong sports are MLB and NFL. Follow me on Twitter @steveA1127



Erica Bilek
Writer Team Side Spin


What better way to get writing and sharing information than to contribute to a site that an old friend has started? Joe (Founder Nuts and Bolts Sports LLC) and I met nearly 20 years ago and worked together for several years in the food industry. I enjoy watching sports, but love all of the things it takes to get family and friends ready for a big game.

I am excited to cover all things off the field and contribute to the “Side Spin”. I will share the latest trends and news related to food, fashion, and things that fans do outside of their favorite sports season such as:

How to create a fabulous spread for a gathering that has everyone asking for recipes?
What should I be wearing to the big game?
How to prepare for the ultimate tailgating experience?
What are the latest movies and books that sports fans are lining up for?

I was born and raised in Southern Maryland and now reside in Northern Virginia. I have a background in IT and spent several years coaching high school athletes in Northern Virginia. In my spare -time I enjoy spending time with family/friends, supporting my nephew and niece sporting events, cooking, traveling, and visiting local wineries.

You can reach me at or Twitter: @embleo21


12557126_10153918630379853_1600751920_oShelly Bee
Baseball. Baseball. Baseball. That’s why I’m here. My name is Shelly Bee. I write words sometimes, I take pictures other times, but no matter what I am doing and what job I have, I will never work on Opening Day. On opening day, I will be yelling at a screen somewhere with a bunch of people who are just trying to eat their lunch. My friends, however, will be littering the streets of Detroit outside of Comerica Park, like they do every year, regardless if the Tigers are playing there or not. It is our Christmas.

My love affair began, when I was 13, in north Florida, with the 1996 Atlanta Braves. Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Javy Lopez, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux. After an unexpected move to the Motor City I learned to love the Detroit Tigers nearly as much as I loved the Braves. Its not ALL about the Tigers though, I get down with the Red Sox on occasion. Dustin Pedroia is my spirit animal, he doesn’t know it yet, but we are getting married. I digress.

I don’t really like talking about myself too much, I could bore you with my list of accomplishments and accolades, but I’d rather not. Yeah, I went to college. Yeah, I played ball, Yeah, I write words. That’s all you need to know. Now, lets talk about baseball and maybe get a little weird with it.


CUtjE7oU8AA0dVZLarry (LBizzy) Bisagni
From the Hive
Originally from Washington, D.C., I have an extensive background in marketing, media, and communications. My career began with WTEM (ESPN Radio) in Washington, and went from there to an NBC News affiliate in Virginia to produce “Virginia Tech Sports Today.” After returning to WTEM to produce talk shows and live game broadcasts, I accepted an offer to become executive producer/director of operations for a major non-profit in San Francisco, where I established a strong lineage of guest speakers for a weekly talk show.

I am a passionate follower of many sports, including baseball, basketball, football, Italian soccer, boxing, and college sports. My favorite teams include the San Francisco Giants/49ers, Washington Redskins/Wizards (BULLETS!!!), and Capitals. My favorite sportswriter is Michael Wilbon, whom I would occasionally provide updates to as the overnight guy at Sports Talk 980 in the days before .coms.

I am a summa cum laude graduate of the University of San Francisco, and can be found sitting courtside at many of my beloved Dons home games. I holds an MBA from Babson College with an emphasis in entrepreneurial marketing, where I engaged stakeholders, and executed planning strategies for business growth. Given my career trajectory, I have a list of favorite coaches to go along with favorite players, including Joe Gibbs, Vince Lombardi, John Wooden, John Thompson the elder, Earl Weaver, Bruce Bochy, and Mark Jackson. Read what I have to say. Follow me @LBizzy

20160407_085507_resizedBrandon Blake
NCAA Football & Basketball and NFL
I was born and raised in Northwest Florida and I have always had a love of sports for all of my life. I did not get into writing about sports until 2009 when I would post my thoughts on my Facebook page. I started to get more serious about sports writing and in November of 2014, started writing for the SB Nation website.  Currently, I still write for SB Nation on their Mountain West Connection website where I write primarily about Nevada football and basketball.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working out and relaxing with friends and family. I enjoy a nice beer or cocktail whether it is at home or at a ballpark. My primary love is football and basketball but I do have an appreciation of all sports and the men and women who play them.

I hope that you enjoy my articles and it is my plan to have fun and always try to look at all sides of an story and hopefully learn how to play golf (ha ha). Read what I have to say. Follow me @Blakes_Babbles and hope to hear from you soon.


Rob Botts
How’s it going? I’m Rob Botts, a Boston native currently living in Los Angeles California. I’m a published writer, cartoonist, actor, former college basketball player (Div. III… don’t get too excited), and former coach of summer sports camps back in New England. I’m incredibly passionate about sports and in particular the National Basketball Association (NBA). I publish a weekly comic strip entitled “Boston Bobby” that follows the daily trials and tribulations of this crazy Boston sports fan. I may be very level headed, but my cartoon alter ego is not. My favorite teams are, of course, the Pats, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and the Revs…Yes, I follow soccer too—from afar. Let’s talk some sports!!! Read what I have to say.


McLeod Brown
 All Sports
Hi, I’m McLeod Brown. I’ve always had an interest in all things sports. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to work into the business side of things. As far as favorite teams: Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Pelicans, Baltimore Orioles, Carolina Hurricanes, Orlando City SC, UNC, and UNCW. Let’s roll. I’m open to all ears and mouths and am always looking to bounce ideas off of people. Looking forward to getting some fan interaction going through this. Appreciate the opportunity and hope I do my part in supplying some decent reading and sports talk. Stay blessed. Read what I have to say. Follow me @McLeodBrown3

mariMari C.
Don’t Be a Tool
Hi, I’m Mari C., a San Diego native who came back to Southern California two years ago after a 10-year stint in New York City. With the help of social media and growing online resources, I was able to keep track of my west coast sports teams and players. I enjoy #allthesports, but my heart belongs to the San Diego Chargers, more specifically to Philip Rivers. In addition to the Bolts, I like the Mets, Knicks, Rangers and the Fighting Irish. My newest obsession is the Barclays Premier League and learning everything there is to know about futbol. In addition to sports I also have a creative side and take pride in my photography. My goal is to continue pursue my passion for writing and creating art. Read what I have to say. You can follow me on Twitter @nymari

My Bio Pic For Nuts and BoltsBill Carroll
Featured Writer (Focus: NFL and NCAA Football)
I am now in my fourth decade as a published writer. The Answer Newspaper first carried my sports column over 30 years ago; additionally, I am a published poet, playwright, and military historian. I am a founding member of MPAACT. I have also written for Black Sports Online, Football Reporters Online, and oversaw HBCU Scouting for Consensus Draft Services. Currently, Consensus Draft Services is in a content providing relationship with My broadcasting career is also long established. I have co-hosted “Local Color” on WEFT, “The Draft-Tastic 4,” and the Sports Chronicles Radio Network. I hosted “Feeling A Draft” and CDS “Pro Prospects Radio.” I have also taught broadcasting at Kennedy-King College. Read what I have to say.

IMG_0558Brianne (Bri) Dempsey
Featured Writer
Hey there! I’m Bri, brought to you by way of Southern Maryland. I’m a UMD alum and love all things sports! I was born on a Sunday in the fall and can guarantee I’ve been watching the Redskins since I was a week old. I was an avid athlete growing up and spent many a Saturday at the football or baseball fields. I’m a Skins, Caps, Terps and O’s fan and can’t wait to share my thoughts on what’s happening in the sports world! Read what I have to say.

Allan Erickson
All Sports
I’m a lover of all things sports, and have been since a very young age. It doesn’t matter what it is, I can watch any live sporting event out there. I’m a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, class of 2013. I received a degree in communication studies, and management. I wrote articles on sporting events while at UNC, and have always wanted to share my views with others.

I enjoy all sports, but my favorite to watch is professional football, followed by Ice Hockey, College Basketball, College Football, then NBA/MLB. My favorite athletes are Luke Kuechly, Cam Ward, Jeff Skinner, and Kelvin Benjamin. My favorite sports teams are:

  • The Carolina Panthers
  • The Carolina Hurricanes
  • The North Carolina Tar Heels
  • The Atlanta Braves
  • The Los Angeles Lakers

I live for sports. A coworker of mine once joked that he got rid of his cable, because if he needed to find out what was happening in the sports world, he’d just look at my Facebook page. Nuts and Bolts sports is new to me, but I’m looking forward to sharing my insight with you all, and hopefully spreading my joy and passion for sports with all of you. Read what I have to say. Follow me @Airickson21



Jacob Fain
Social Media Wizard
I’m 18 from Charlotte, North Carolina. I played baseball all throughout high school. I’m a big Boston Bruins fan, Boston Celtics, SF Giants, and Indianapolis Colts. My favorite player would have to be Peyton Manning. Read what I have to say. Follow me @USASportsTLK



Lennox  Gonzalez
Video Games and Pop Culture
Greetings Earthlings. Lennox here. As a military brat I’ve lived, seen and done a great deal on Mother Earth. I’m currently residing in San Antonio, TX. home of the legendary Spurs. I graduated from San Antonio College with a degree in Communication design were I also specialized in 3D and 2D design. I have a very broad spectrum of interests ranging from writing music to traveling. I enjoy various sports and like quite a few teams to say the least. NFL: The Falcons, The Jets and The Cowboys. NBA: The Spurs and The Celtics. I currently have a YouTube page, which is dedicated to retro video games. Read what I have to say. Follow me at @NoxHardigan

jamesJames Graves
Team: Side Spin
I am an avid Washington Wizards, & Redskins fan. I am the newest writer for Nuts and Bolts for all things Entertainment. I am also a resident “nerd” and gamer as well. Read what I have to say. I can be reached on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @Dandaman422, or by email at


1936848_755226552833_2974936_nBrian Hart
Senior Editor
Born and raised in Ithaca, New York, I grew up watching some of the greatest sports teams ever assembled. New York is so rich in both history and talent when it comes to sports that it’s damn near impossible not to become addicted! The Football Giants, Jets and Bills. The Yankees and Mets. At one time, the Dodgers and the Giants. The Rangers and the Islanders. I hear there’s even a basketball team!! When I was 25 I moved to Northern Virginia. There I was surrounded by sports. Camden Yards was a short trip up 95 and the Nationals played only 15 minutes away! Opening day at Nats Park quickly became a tradition and shortly I found myself at over 20 games a year. Not to mention the Caps at Verizon Center and whoever was playing at FedEx field. Someone told me they have a basketball team too!

I have always loved sports — Football, Baseball, Hockey and MMA specifically. I have to admit that baseball is by far my favorite. My favorite team has been, and always will be the Yankees. My childhood dream was to play second base for the Yankees so that I could be on the diamond next to my favorite player; Donny Baseball. Although I was never good enough to go pro, I was fortunate enough to have parents who were Yankee fans as well and took me to countless games. I have since traveled to see the Yankees play in several other stadiums. I’ll never forget the 100th anniversary game at Fenway when they turned back the clock and played as the Highlanders. And beat the Red Sox. The next day, we cheered for the Caps as they played the Bruins. That’s the closest I’ve come to dying for my team.

My mother tells a story of the time she and my father met Mantle and Rizzuto at a restaurant in Cooperstown during one of their trips to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and that the only baseball card she has is Thurmond Munson’s. Yeah, my mom is cooler than yours.

I love sports for the competition. Each team a collection of individual talent. There is something inside of all of us that loves to compete. And to win. Sports is literally blood, sweat and tears. Years of hard work and a lifetime of dedication often come down to one play. One swing. One shot. How exciting is that?!

I remember Simms to Bavaro, Henderson stealing bases and Gretzky on ice. I got to watch Derek Jeter’s entire career. I saw Peyton Manning break record after record. (And, Eli win 2 Super Bowls.) I saw Ithaca’s own Dustin Brown hoist the Stanley Cup. And Willie Monroe JR win fight after fight. I can’t wait for Nuts and Bolts to bring you what’s next! Follow me @B_nazsty

Luke Johnson
NFL and Soccer

Hey, there! As a 22 year old Boston native, I’ve been surrounded by sports championships my whole life. Too bad I’m not a Boston sports fan. The Red Sox have my heart, but outside of that I follow other teams around the country. I’ve found a way to look at sports objectively and even though that doesn’t always fly in New England, I make it work.

As a child family friends always referred to me as a sports encyclopedia, and nothing has changed since my youth. I think you may like what I have to say. Also, follow me on twitter @TheRucasJohnson


Caroline Merrill
Team: Side Spin
I am a girl from the NC Mountains who found my way to the coast via UNC Wilmington circa 2010. As a 2012 graduate of UNCW with a degree in Communication Studies, I have held a number of jobs within the sports industry. A former collegiate volleyball player, I have taken my talents to the coaching side of the game. For the past five years I have coached locally for Cape Fear Volleyball Club. I have coached the 14 National Team, 16 National Team and now the Developmental Program, which is comprised of 7-11 year olds learning the game of volleyball.

During the summer of 2012, I was one of 25 interns at the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp. Through this internship, I discovered my love for the Eagles, WaWa, Geno’s cheesesteak and team gossip. After completing this internship, I started a year long internship with the UNC Wilmington Sports Marketing Department before accepting a Marketing and Public Relations position with a local land development firm. After gaining valubable experience, I became the Regional Director of Catering for the Wilmington and Jacksonville Mission BBQ locations. It was at Mission BBQ where I became known as “Yung H8r” and “Shady” and where I met my brother from another mother, Nuts & Bolts founder, Joe Cardoso. After a year at Mission BBQ, I accepted a position at a global management consulting firm, The Forte Institute, where I handle their Client Services.

My Favorite Things:

  • Philadelphia Eagles Football
  • UNC Tarheels Basketball
  • Anderson University Women’s Basketball
  • Hip Hop (Fetty Wap is everything)
  • Pure Barre
  • Bottles and bottles of wine
  • A good bowl of queso and chips
  • Reality TV

Read what I have to say.

chrismChris Molicki
All Sports
Huge sports fanatic and fan of the Cowboys, Knicks, Red Sox, and Seton Hall basketball (don’t ask how I became that). Journalism graduate from The College of New Jersey and current assistant editor on Scholastic Action magazine. Also former sports and managing editor of The Signal, TCNJ’s newspaper. Love nothing more than talking sports; it’s in my blood. Read what I have to say. Follow me at @chrismolicki

Mukhar_Q2860Mylene Mukhar
Featured Writer
Hey everybody, my name is Mylene Mukhar and I’m a 29 years old sports nut. Born in Paris, France, I grew up following soccer, tennis, rugby some basketball and figure skating. I tried to play more sports than I can count, but tennis was my passion. I eventually moved to San Francisco with a full scholarship to play on the USF Women’s tennis team.

I studied Media Studies as an undergrad and got my Masters in Sport Management from USF as well. Sports have been in my life since I was born and I can’t get enough of them.

Coming to the US and wanting to be in sports, I had to learn the rules of mainstream US sports such as football and baseball.  I started to really enjoy and appreciate what these athletes do to be great at their sports.

Sports have always been a positive influence and opened new opportunities for me, and I never doubted that I wanted to work in this field and be a part of something that is so universal and unifying.  As several horrible events took place in the world, the one thing that remained constant was how uniting and powerful sports were.

I have worked in the production department at Pac-12 Networks since September 2012 and I love it. I have also worked for Tennis Channel and ESPN during live events in the Bay Area. I managed communications and public relations projects for several collegiate and professional tennis events with their communication/PR needs.

So there you have it guys, me in a nutshell. Read what I have to say. If you’re interested in learning more, follow me @mylenemukhar87 for sports reporting in all forms: videos, blogs or quick opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day. I’m excited to be a part of the Nuts and Bolts Sports community!

NickMukhar_HeadshotNicholas Mukhar
Featured Writer
I’m a northern California native, ghostwriter, editor, columnist, public speaker, and lifelong supporter of all Bay Area sports teams. As a @usfca alum, I began covering sports as a beat writer for USF’s soccer and basketball teams. Read what I have to say. Find more of my sports-related opinions on Twitter @NicholasSuhail.


professional jeffJeff Newholm
Women’s Sports
Hey there! I’m Jeff Newholm and depending on your point of view I’m blessed or cursed that my two favorite sports are outside the limelight. Being a UW-Whitewater grad (winter 2013) my first love was d3 college football, but over the last few years I have picked up a huge interest in woman’s basketball (Uconn being my favorite team as their 90 game winning streak helped show me how good a team can get in the woman’s game). I like all the sports everyone else likes (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA basketball and football) but those two sports are where I really have a passion. Read what I have to say. To hear all about Wisconsin sports, d3, and woman’s basketball (especially husky stuff) follow me on twitter @JeffreyNewholm

Julio E. Olmo, Sr.
All Sports
All things sports brought to you by The Voice of One!
A mixture of sports history with current events seen through my eyes… Courtesy of Nuts & Bolts Sports. Read what I have to say. Follow The Voice of One! on @jeolmoz2

Ashley Otero
Team: Side Spin
Ashley Marie signing on. I was born into a Redskins loving community in Southern Maryland but craved the sun year round so I relocated to Southern Florida and am currently navigating the Dolphin waters. I always took part in sports growing up and never could pass up an opportunity to dress to impress. I love how sports can unite total strangers in all corners of the world, and I feel that fashion has the same effect on people making the two a proverbial dream team. I have seen the athletic world colliding with the fashion world on every level over the past few years, and I am here to show you the highlight reels! Currently, I can be found walking the runways of my office by day and drinking at my favorite local sports bar by night. Sarcasm is a way of life. Read what I have to say. Follow me on twitter if you dare @AshleyMarieLIFE

12278804_1239274396098538_5373322919272322592_nArmando (Monte) Perez… AKA the Sports Whisperer
Featured Writer
I’m a former AAU and college basketball coach with over 15 years experience. Last summer, I was inducted into the Ramapo College Hall of Fame. After coaching for many years, I realized I had some very interesting and funny stories to share and started touring the country as a comedian. I have performed at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, The Laugh Factory and Caroline’s in New York City. I am a former graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. The Sports Whisperer is a featured guest on several podcasts across the country. In just nine months I have written over 240 articles. Some of my pre-season predictions included Marcus Mariota winning the Heisman Trophy, Aaron Rodgers winning the NFL’s MVP, Duke over Wisconsin in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and Stephen Curry winning the NBA’s MVP. Read what I have to say. Follow the Sports Whisperer on Facebook and Twitter @Montetjwitter11

IMG_0667Chandler Ragsdale
Hello, I’m Chandler from Bessemer, North Carolina. I’m a Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Ravens, and Duke fan. I also watch the NBA, just don’t really a favorite team. I’m 17, and I’m going to Southern Wesleyan University to be a youth pastor. I like to follow and analyze sports a lot–especially the MLB. I played football all four years of high school and baseball some but I never panned out to be a baseball player. I can coach it, and I love it; I just couldn’t play it too well. I will be writing about mostly anything and everything involving the MLB. Take a look. I hope you guys enjoy!

Headshot picEvan Singleton
All Sports
I have grown up just north of Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, I am a 21-year-old NCAA student-athlete at Springfield College, where I study Sport Management and play on the varsity golf team.

Like many of you, I have always been a sports lover. My favorite sports include but aren’t limited to golf, basketball, football, and baseball. Within those sports, I am a diehard fan to Boston teams. I have just as much passion for writing about sports as I do playing them. All sports fans, feel free to contact me anytime to spark a sports talk or even a sports debate! Read what I have to say. Follow me @EvanSingleton33

My favorites are:

  • PGA: Dustin Johnson and Jason Day
  • NBA: Boston Celtics
  • NFL: New England Patriots
  • MLB: Boston Red Sox


IMG_1998Vinny Varvaro
Featured Writer
How you doin’? I’m Vinny from Jersey and sports are a big part of my life. I’ve been playing and coaching at multiple levels for the past 35 years. My Double V Sports Blog has been the vehicle for me to use my 30 year old journalism degree, and now I am excited to contribute to Nuts and Bolts Sports. I am the co-host of the currently in hiatus Talkin’ Jersey and More–a pop cultural look at New Jersey and the world podcast. My sports IQ came from my father, and I have passed it down to my son (works in the Sports Management Industry) and my daughter (currently a JUCO All-American level softball player). The New York Mets, New York Giants and New York Rangers have been my teams since 1973, so I’ve seen the best and worst of sports seasons in my lifetime. You’ll find my unique take on the sports world informative, entertaining and poignant. Read what I have to say. Follow me on Twitter @Vinny_Varvaro and @DoubleV_Sports

823Rob Veale
Alternative Sports: Surfing
The adventure began in SoCal where I was exposed to a plethora of what would be dubbed “extreme” sports. I could swim before I could walk, or so my dad says anyway, so water sports are where it all started for me. Boogie board…ing, Surfing, Wind surfing, Water skiing (and later wake boarding), Parasailing, Skim boarding, just to name a few.

I eventually evolved onto land. Due to the diverse topography in SoCal, we had many options for “fun” that was relatively close to the casa. Only in SoCal, can you go snowboarding in the morning for a few hours, then spend a few hours at the vacant construction sites on a 300cc, and then “suit up” and go surfing till sunset on glassy waters!

I now live in NC with two sports fanatics that started this crazy website. Their enthusiasm for sports matches, if not equals, mine for anything that could probably kill you without the right equipment. Whether it is spelunking, skydiving, rally racing, or just a great session in green rooms of the beach, adrenaline and exhilaration are what does a body good! Work hard, play hard! Read what I have to say. Follow me @LA_JollaRob


Marcus (Mook) Washington
Featured Writer
Born and raised in the DMV. Coached High School Basketball coach for 11 years and was Caps/Wizards season ticket holder. Currently, I’m a struggling golfer. Love all sports from boxing to basketball to golf. Covered Notre Dame football and Pac 12 football and basketball. GMU alum and basketball season ticket holder. Go Green. Go Gold. Fight. Fight. Fight. Read what I have to say. Follow me on Twitter @mtcwithmook


Patrick Waring
Washington, D.C. Sports
Hi! I’m Patrick Waring, and I live in Southern Maryland. I am best described as a “homer” when it comes to sports. My favorite teams are the Georgetown Hoyas, Nationals, Redskins and Wizards. I’m a season ticket holder for the Hoyas, and I try to attend other games when possible. I’m very passionate about sports, and I’m always up for a conversation or debate about the greatest players and teams. Read what I have to say.

IMG_0697Colton Wood
All Sports
Hey everyone! My name is Colton Wood and I am currently a student at Michigan State University studying Journalism. I am from Richmond, Virginia and have loved sports ever since I was born. My favorite teams are the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Washington Capitals, New York Yankees, and of course the Michigan State Spartans. I am currently employed at the Lansing State Journal as a sports clerk. After college, I plan to become a beat writer for a NFL or college football team. Read what I have to say. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me at @cwood722


‘On Air’ Personalities

The 4th Line
Location: Calgary, AB
Facial Hair: Mustache
Favorite Team: Colorado Avalanche
Favorite Smoked Meat: Brisket



The 4th Line
Location: Nanaimo, BC
Facial Hair: Beard
Favorite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Favorite Smoked Meat: Ribs


IMG_0172James (JB3) Byus III
NBS Football Show
Hey! I’m James Byus III—aka JB3. I’m a Maryland native now living in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m a wine lover who runs a wine bar, but my ultimate passion is sports. I’m a super passionate NFL Football fan. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve been watching the game since I can remember. In addition to owning a giant football card collection, my sports related hobbies include boxing, running, and water sports. I played baseball for seven years. I also played football for 10 years, which gave me an opportunity to play every position on the field—my favorites being Quarter Back, Linebacker, and Kickoff Returner. I bring a unique perspective to the football conversation because of my in-depth understanding of coaching schemes, strategy, play calling, and the way emotions can elevate game play. Look for me hosting the weekly NFL football show on Nuts and Bolts Sports. Follow Me @jbfordallstarz

“Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible it’s unbelievable” ~Tom Landry

IMG_0068Joe (Cartright) Cardoso
Buckets and Dimes & NBS Sports Hour
See above.



100MEDIA36IMAG0406Patrick Hilwig
Buckets and Dimes
Born and raised in Virginia. Currently residing in Southern Maryland. I have a true passion for sports that goes back to the days of watching all the tapes of the Redskins that my dad had from the Glory Days of the team. I have many teams and sports that I follow now. Some of my favorite teams are the Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves, Washington Wizards, and, from my time living in Jacksonville, Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars. I look forward to working with some old friends on this great new project. Tune into my show, Buckets and Dimes, on Follow me @nolesfan05



IMG_2144Patrick Waring
Buckets and Dimes & NBS Sports Hour
See above.





Marcus (Mook) Washington
Making the Cut
See above.





Blaire Buergler
Web Content and Development
I volunteered to help Joe during his struggles to get the original NBS site up and running. I have since been pulled into help here and there with small updates and large overhauls.

Although I can’t claim to be a sports junkie, I have always considered myself an athlete. I grew up swimming and diving and was a member of the dive team during undergrad at Virginia Tech. I continue to stay active in the sport of diving as a coach. I have a BA in Public & Urban Affairs and a MS in Organization Development & Knowledge Management, along with a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management. Follow me @bbb_bop

10492533_10203235862550872_7582202532672448094_nSteph Perry
Executive Assistant
What’s up everyone, I’m Steph Perry 🙂 Executive assistant, swag dealer, and sass extraordinaire for NBS. Born and raised in North Carolina. UNCW Alumni with a B.S. in Information Technology. I had previously been in school for a short time taking courses towards a Sports Marketing major, but I got a job at a video game company (Epic Games in Cary, NC) and decided to peruse a career. It wasn’t until later on I decided to return to school and FINALLY get a degree.

Growing up I bounced back and forth between video games and sports. I played softball, basketball, and soccer. I also took Tae-Kwon-Do for about 10 years; however, soccer has always been my passion. I started playing when I was four and went on to play in rec, challenge, and premier leagues. I still try to play now and then when I can in an intramural league. The two sports I mainly watch are soccer and football. I’m a Panthers girl *dabs* for life! Follow my majestic activities @MissPerreh


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