McDavid Our Savior

By: Jacob Fain

Last night the hockey world watched as the magic lotto ball dropped in the favor of the Edmonton Oilers. And just like that the dark clouds were lifted away from Rexall Palce.

You have to wonder now….is this the right place for the kid to land? I mean the Oilers don’t have the most stable front office in the league, and you could really make the case that the Sabres have a better chance at rebuilding than the Oilers do. When you look at it, the Oilers have been rebuilding for about nine years, while the Sabres were in the playoffs in 2010 when they lost to the Flyers in the Eastern conference quarter finals. With Ference and Hall, could the Oilers in maybe three or four years be a contender? I think so. I mean they have a great fan base and a nice supporting group. This could work but McDavid would have to be willing to wait which I’m assuming he is already expecting. This upcoming draft class could really change the league, the NHL has been in need of a face lift and this group of rookies could be the pick me up we need!

Jacob Fain
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