The McDavid Effect.

Connor McDavid (Adam d'Oliveira Photography on McDavid head, Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images on Edmonton body, manipulated by Erika Vanderveer)

By: Jacob Fain

If you are mildly interested in hockey and have a pulse then you may have been aware that the NHL’s newest savior Connor McDavid has been drafted by the Edmonton Oilers.  This one night has changed the NHL landscape for a very long time, even the second pick is showering in promise. But that is not who we’re talking about even though I do love the American-born Jack Eichel, this article is one hundred percent about the Connor McDavid effect. First let’s start off with the immediate change within the Oiler’s organization, with the acquisition of Cam Talbot the Oilers really proved to their fans that this isn’t a move for the future this is a move for the now. Now new Coach Todd McLellan has so much to work with before McDavid is ready for the big leagues, Taylor Hall is a young player with tons of experience and their captain (for now) Andrew Ference is playing as tough as ever and giving this team a tough edge. Now let’s talk about what McDavid means to this franchise that has not been relevant for close to a decade now, he means hope to Edmonton. This franchise in one-night lottery night that is went from a huge construction project to a dynasty in them making. Now this team is set and my prediction for how long until we see McDavid doing his thing in Edmonton? I say we see him tearing it up in the NHL? I think he really gets a feel for the game next year around the second half of this year after the all star break when he gets a feel for his teammates.

Jacob Fain
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