Larry Brown strikes down a program … AGAIN!

Written by: The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion

Head Coach Larry Brown of SMU was found guilty of NCAA infractions of conduct detrimental to the university (assistant coach helping student cheat with classwork/exams) as his program will be banned from postseason play for 2016 season and Brown will be suspended for nine games. Nine scholarships are being forfeited and the program is on a three-year probation period.

This is the third team which coach Brown has coached his kids into sanctions. Did with UCLA Bruins, did with the Kansas Jayhawks and now with the SMU Mustangs.

The headline states “Infinite chances” and some coaches get them and others don’t. Some rightfully and others unfairly kept from second chances.

Take the Jim Boeheim situation. Accused of lying and did not turn his back on the situation when academic fraud was brought up to him. He was not involved in the wrongdoing when a couple of athletes were given extra benefits for working at a YMCA. But he was penalized, along with being guilty, because the new rules say head coaches have to be accountable for their programs. Granted there were other circumstances in play but the main reason given by the NCAA seems a bit “flaky.”

Then there is the situation with for Tennessee Volunteers coach Bruce Pearl. He lied about a recruiting visit at his home, which led to a three-year, show-cause penalty.

This does not even get into the wrong ruling of the late Joe Paterno, who was penalized along with Penn State, the “Death Penalty” for something an assistant coach (who was no longer employed by the university) wrong-doings. It was reversed down the road but the initial ruling and reaction by NCAA again seems “flaky.”

Former coach and all time legend Dick Vitale was approached about Brown’s latest sanctions and just shook his head.

“I am a big baseball fan. I believe going 3-for-3 in that sport is great,” Vitale said in disappointment.

“Larry Brown is 3-for-3 in getting schools sanctioned. That should equal a ban from coaching on the collegiate level.”

IF MLB can continue to BAN Pete Rose for betting on baseball, can the NCAA and basketball community do the SAME with Larry Brown? How is this fair? How is Alex Rodriguez continuing to play the game of baseball AFTER admitting he CHEATED the game … DESTROYING the “Integrity of the Game.” That is the cardinal sin of ANY sport, is it NOT???


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