Kobe’s beef? It’s well done…


By: Rob Botts

There is the achilles..the knee…the ankle…the finger…now the shoulder. I bet you didn’t know a Mamba had all those parts did you? Thought he was just filled with fangs, venom, attitude and one hell of a quick slither huh? Mr. Kobe Bryant has all those attributes as well. I think he might actually have a venom / blood level too. Gotta check with our friends at the “Animal Planet” channel.

Whether he is a slithering, deadly, menacing snake or a sizzling beef that is just mouth watering…His “I want to keep playing” is done…well done. It’s time to use the phrase that pro sports has adopted as their own and most likely will soon trademark… “Shut it down.” In this particular case, it’s time to shut Kobe Bryant down for the season. I am normally a proponent of old man  “grit it out, this is what they pay you for, you can walk” type of commentary but…not here. Not now. The man is a walking(limping?) ER visit. Not only has father time managed to run up to him and pounce, but you could see the first signs of the deadly mamba starting to lose his ultra crazy, completive edge….

Have you ever seen Kobe smiling on the basketball court? Seriously. Maybe way back when he had the fro rocking and the goat working some chin music and he was doing those McDonald’s ads for a brief period of time. If memory serves, I believe he was playing hoops with a youngster and he couldn’t stop flashing those pearly whites. The 3rd all time point scorer in NBA history was actually yucking it up…NBA all-star break style with the current ruler of the National Basketball Association, Mr. LeBron James when the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Los Angeles Lakers recently. There was some butt slapping, some high giving, some joking, some sign language….all the kind of stuff you see a bunch of recreation ham and eggers who just fished up their “Johnny punch-clock” week and are ready to just have some fun. Fun? Does Mr. Bryant even know what that is?

Kobe has never wanted to have fun. He has wanted to win and be as close his idol, Mr. Michael Jordan as absolutely possible and run over anybody who would stand in his way. Unfortunately for Mr. Bryant and the viewing Laker fan public, he can no longer attack they way we are used to seeing him attack. His body is finally telling his will that they are no longer one in the same. They now occupy two separate spaces…Unconnected and unrecognizable to each other. And with the smile growing bigger in the midst of the wincing because of the pain, it appears he has adopted a new view…Acceptance. What would have gone down that completive, win at all costs throat years ago like battery acid, now flows like MJ’s sweet orange flavored Gatorade.

It’s a very strange sight to see. Seeing the slow slither with rounded off fangs….But it’s so nice to see the long time warrior actually smile. Maybe the smile is from his recent looking back at his career and really loving what he sees….The closet thing to Michael Jordan…..Well done Kobe….Well done.

Rob Botts
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