“Joe the Shooter”


By: Rob Botts

There is a cup of Joe. A regular Joe. Average Joe. Joe Blow. But then again there is also GI Joe! Had many of those along with Transformers when I was a kid but that is another article for another day on another site! Back to the business at hand. 

One of the most famous guys named Joe was “Joe the plumber” who had a nice chinwag with President Obama back on the old campaign trail which feels like centuries ago now. Most people thought Joe the plumber shot straight. Well, another Joe has stepped up to fill those blue collar shoes and man does he shoot straight. Straight through the hoop that is. Just ask the Houston Rockets.

I’m talking about Mr. Joe Ingles. AKA “Jingles” as he is affectionately called by most sports broadcasters these days. But “Joe the shooter” has been such a great surprise along with super REAL rookie Donovan Mitchell for the Utah Jazz. One of Joe’s greatest assets is that he literally looks like the guy at the YMCA pick up game that you just left open in the corner because there is no way that guy can shoot the ball. Nope. Not a lick. The most a dude like that could do is just stay out of the way on offense and try not to foul every time on defense. Oh, and maybe be useful by grabbing a rebound or two and immediately hot potato the rock to a real baller if and when said rock actually accidentally ends up in his inept mitts.

But, there is nothing inept about Mr. Ingles shooting. In a league that has gone international waters launching crazy, Ingles is right up there with being the top nut in the nut house. He lulls you to sleep with how slow and quiet he is. But when he whispers his way to the corner and gets the ball to line up that set shot 3 pointer, it reminds me of a famous quote from my guy Quint from “Jaws”: “When the shark comes at ya..he doesn’t seem to be living..until he bites ya.” Now Joe’s eyes don’t roll over white, but his opponents do squeeze their own eyeballs tight in agony when Ingles is tickling the twines.

Now maybe, just maybe, teams have gotten the memo and will actually start paying attention to our everyday pick up game hero. If they do, it will interesting to see what he will pull out of his blue collar bag of tricks. Maybe will employ the pretty shifty dribble in and dribble out, step back dance move he put on Houston the other night.(YouTube it. I wouldn’t believe me either) Didn’t know he that tool in the toolbox.

The dude from down under(he’s from the Land of Oz don’t you know) was giving Paul George of OKC so much grief in the form of shots hit and trash talk dished out last series that I think George thought he was being bested by a lefty Larry Bird. “Another three on the barbie George?”(line delivered with an Aussie accent of course)

Right now the Utah Jazz are a fun story. The Joe Ingles storyline is ever more fun. But, something can be fun until the white hot glare of expectations starts to bear down on the little team that could from Salt Lake and their quiet 3 point marksman. Will they wilt as the heat gets turned up? Or can Larry JOE Ingles keep this up? Can they knock out the Rockets?

These questions need and will get answered. But for tight now, let’s keep having fun with “Jingles”, Mitchell and that merry Jazz band playing their sweet upset tunes in Utah.


Rob Botts
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