Jabrill Peppers Can’t Afford Ramen

NEW YORK - FOR SUNDAY: Paramus Catholic High School football player Jabrill Peppers during practice, Paramus, NJ on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. PICTURED: (Photo by Angel Chevrestt, 646.314.3206)

By: Kristen Ashly

Add another name to the list of college athletes unhappy with how much food their stipend checks can buy, or should we say, how much it can’t.

Michigan sophomore defensive back and former five-star recruit Jabrill Peppers tweeted Tuesday evening that he was “about to eat my first meal of the day” — a bowl of Ramen noodles. Over the course of several tweets stretching into Wednesday morning, Peppers made it clear where he put the blame for that situation:

Peppers doesn’t seem quite as concerned as some other athletes who have spoken out about their lack of meal money, like former UConn basketball star Shabazz Napier, but it seems clear he doesn’t feel his situation is fair, either.

Peppers arrived at Michigan as the class of 2014’s No. 3 player overall and No. 1 athlete in the country. Peppers’ freshman impact was limited to only three appearances, due to injuries, but the safety-corner hybrid is universally projected to earn a starting job in Jim Harbaugh’s overhauled defense and begin living up to his immense recruiting hype.

The forthcoming cost-of-attendance scholarships are designed to help situations like Peppers’, meaning that by this time next year, complaints like his could be much fewer and more far between. Until then, though, college players everywhere are none to happy.

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(Photo credit: Angel Chevresst)

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