Isys Alexis: Movers And Shakers

By: Joe Cardoso

Hello Movers And Shakers! This month we travel to the north and meet a hardworking young lady who calls Canada home, she is a triple threat and is just getting started. On the TV screen, in front of the camera, and on the mic. With a unquie style that always evolves let us introduce you to Isys Alexis.

Joe Cardoso: You are a jack of all trades, how do you keep up with it all?

Isys Alexis: I pace myself, try to put my health first. At the end of the day you gotta chase what inspires you and work on what makes you happy, for me that’s been modeling, acting and music.

JC: How did you get into the world of acting and modeling? And which one do you prefer?

IA: I starting acting and modeling at a young age, then revisited it as an adult. I usually prefer acting because I love the feeling of being on set. But on some day’s I just feel like creating cool still-shots. I like to switch things up a lot.

JC: How surreal was it the first time you saw yourself on TV?

IA: I remember being…about 6 when two girls approached me and asked for my autograph. I didn’t even know what that meant lol. I guess because I was introduced at such a young age it never really shook me. But now when I do catch myself in a show or an advertisement I kinda go “ehhhhh thats me!” haha.

JC: Who are some of the people who motivate and inspire YOU?

IA: My family mostly, you know I always want to do right by them. But the funny thing about a lot of my influences is that they come from people I dislike, I sometimes see a person in the spotlight and wonder “why” I think that there are better role-models out there. I think the world deserves better, and they motivate me to keep going. If they can capture the public’s attention with such talent-less waste I feel responsible for producing something better for the people.

JC: Let’s talk hip-hop. When did you fall in love with it and who got you hooked?

IA: Same time I fell in love with music. I can appreciate every genre. Hip hop is just part of it all.

JC: What albums are you rocking with right now?

IA: I had to dust some old records off my shelf. I like some of the new tracks out there but I find it hard to find diversity in just one album.

JC: I LOVE your look and style; how would you describe it?

IA: You tell me! I like standing out, but being true to myself without taking it too far for the sake of a statement. I keep my style kinda glamorous, unique, kind of futuristic. But on some days I’ll spike it up mohawk and look a little more badass.

JC: What else is on deck for you in 2018?

IA: Hard to say, I took a little hiatus from acting to focus on my personal life so we’ll see. I’m quite whimsical so I don’t even know whats on deck for tomorrow.

JC: How has Canada influenced you?

IA: It has allowed me to express myself freely. With little judgment and backlash. There are places in the world where my hair, or my clothing would be prohibited. I cherish that I live in a place that allows it’s people, it’s women to have the same rights as men. It’s not without it’s flaws. But I feel safe here for now.

JC: Who is the best rapper NOT named Drake, we all need to checkout?

IA: No disrespect to Drake but when someone says “Best Rapper” and your mind doesn’t go to Tupac, somethings up. But depending on my mood I think each rapper serves their purpose. Tupac was a poet, but Eminem can rhyme anything, Kendrick Lamar has the some of the wildest flows, Lauryn Hill is pure gold. I miss pre-Kardashian Kanye and people seem to have forgotten about Fabulous but I can always listen to his tracks. The list goes on. And I’m such a critic I can see peoples flaws easily. I think Nicki has raw talent but thinks she needs to dumb it down for views. (Maybe shes right) And then sometimes you just want to get lit, then Cardi and Migos are great for that.

The title for “best rapper” shouldn’t be a title. Music shouldn’t be about competition, art is subjective and it just needs to make you feel something.

Bonus Questions

JC: You can co-star with one movie star who is it and why?

IA: Chris Evans. Use your imagination lol. 

JC: I have 24hrs in the T-Dot where must I go for the best: Drinks, food, and sights?

IA: Go to the CN tower just so you can say you did. But I really recommenced going to Queen/King street and popping into any old bar. Toronto is cool because there are a lot of hole-in-the-wall places that are amazing, and the fun part is finding the best one. There are a few speakeasies that I like, but if I tell you where they are it takes the fun out. They have new passwords for entry every night.

Isys is well on her way to making the world take notice. Keep up with the journey through her social media accounts and website. No breaks, hustling and doing things the right way are what makes a mover and shaker. I can’t  thank Isys enough for making the time to chat with me and share her story, what’s  next for her I  have no doubt is something awesome. Add her name to the growing list of strong females making moves and changing the game. Until next time “work hard and stay humble.”

Instagram: @isysalexis

Facebook: Isys Alexis



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