Huddle up with Mar: Creamy queso dip

By: Mar Butler

This week I’m going to keep it ultra simple. It has been one super long week with Thanksgiving preparation leading up to the actual day and we all know exactly how much work that can entail. Then black Friday happened as it does after Thanksgiving every year and that was an event even in itself, so I’m putting as least amount of effort into our game day snacks this week. However just because I am sacrificing in effort does not mean that we also have to sacrifice taste! This dip can be called many things, Rotel dip, Texas crack, sausage queso. What ever you decide to call it, its delicious either way. It’s smooth, creamy, slightly tangy, its absolutely delicious.

The line up:


Super simple right? 2 pounds Velveeta, 1 roll hot sausage whatever brand you like, and 1 can of Rotel or whatever brand diced tomatoes with chili’s not pictured here is about 1 1/2cups milk that is added at the very end.  Brown the sausage first and dump into a colander or mesh strainer and let sit a few minutes to Completely drain all the excess grease out.


Next step will be to cube up the Velveeta cheese into approximately 1″ cubes.


Place everything into a preheated crock pot be sure to drain the tomatoes. Since we are using milk to thin the queso out later.


Give it a good stir cover with the crock pot lid and cook on which ever setting suits your  time needs usually about 4hrs/high or 8hrs/low


Once it’s all melted there may be a few large chunks of Velveeta still and that’s okay add milk about 1/2 cup at a time until you reach your desired consistency, I used 1 1/2 cups milk because I like a thinner queso. Serve with tortilla chips and be ready to watch this super easy and incredibly delicious creamy dip dissapear. For more great recipes and foodie talks follow me on Twitter @huddleupwithmar

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