How to Ruin a Tradition

By: Nick Thorp

The idea of a pitch clock really is the end of what we perceive as baseball itself.

I do not normally get involved as an emotional writer, but this has scratched me the wrong way. My love is baseball, but this may be the way that someone, or some commissioner can kill my faith in baseball. How would a golfer be if he was told “go find your ball, now you have 30 seconds to take another swing.”? How could anyone entertain the idea of a pitch timer on baseball?! Let’s move back and think about what the consequences are, is a pitcher going to be fined for taking too long? How do you punish a pitcher for taking 20 or more seconds? Awarding a batter to take a base based on a pitcher taking too long to decide what pitch is, well, to be honest just silly. There is no actual way to punish a pitcher for taking too long to throw a pitch that is actually fair to any other team.

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