How I love three….

rim By: Rob Botts

Ah how I love threeee. Let me count the ways. The fade away with a dude in your face…straight pull up with no thought whatsoever…dancing and drilling… popping and bopping…heaving and tossing…With valentines day on the horizon, I think a nice bouquet of long stem roses are in order to be delivered to the 2015 NBA All-Star three-point field this year. It is simply said, the best collection of snipers this contest has ever seen. At least that’s what Marc Jackson said. I kid, I kid…I’m saying that.

I hear you. You think this is some quick head over heels, early love, just met her and don’t even know what’s in her medicine cabinet crush. I’ve been there and this is not what this is…You remind of the long slow meaningful relationships of contests past. There were some keepers in there I know. Real long term material stuff…There was Larry Bird….Craig Hodges…Jeff Hornaceck…Dale Ellis…Mark Price….Glen Rice….Ray Allen….believe me I hear what you are saying. But I know this is the field I’ve been waiting for. I don’t want to know about online shopping or vacation preferences…What they like to do for fun, etc. All I care about is how they drain threes from international waters and man can they splash.

This might actually be the first contest where everybody matches each other and we might have to turn to a game of horse to determine the winner. But that would only prove the horse winner, and by definition, not an NBA three point champion…which is what they are all there for. It’s gonna be a night of swish, swish, swish, swish. The rim can seriously just take a nap because there isn’t going to be any spauldings waking him up. You just stay there slumbering while I just slide on by with a soft whisper.

Maybe blindfolds will be needed at some point. I’m not saying this is gonna turn into “50 shades of Trey”, but there just might need to be some really creative, out of this world, crazy stuff that might need to happen to have some kind of a person standing when all the three point dust has settled. Just look at these names for crying out loud..or quietly holding it all in for a well deserved emotional explosion later…What? It is Oscar season you know…

Check these 2015 NBA Three Point Contestant guys out:

Kyle Korver – This Atlanta Hawk bomber has actually dunked in a couple games this year. He sticks shots from absolutely everywhere and has one of the quickest releases in the game.

Klay Thompson – Sniper who just had a career game for a dude in a game, in ONE QUARTER(37 points)..nuff said.

Stephen Curry – Klay’s splash brother who when he gets hot, pulls the string(that means no follow through for all you non ballers out there) better than anyone who has ever lived.

Marco Belinelli – The defending three point contest champ who has a very smooth set shot release that usually finds the bottom of the net with great consistency.

Wes Mathews – Speaking of great set shots. This guy just sticks and sticks and sticks..wide open or dudes in his grill, it just doesn’t matter..super step back release as well.

J.J. Redick – The guy scored just a few points in college right? Just a few….In the pros he has been a knock down shooter. Great traditional release with a very nice follow through.

I know on valentines day that deuces are wild at that little romantic lounge across town but..I slide my way up to the hostess and let her know we are gonna need a large table with tall glasses of the red all around…I’m not saying were all leaving together, but we sure are gonna have some three point fun….

Rob Botts
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